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Center Broadsides Reading Series

Celebrating Artist Members: 30th Anniversary Broadside Portfolio
Organized by Roni Gross
2005. Edition of 100.

Four separate boxes produced: Loeber portfolio 9.25 x 12.25 x 1.5" Zerkall papers and cloth covered boards; Mauriello box 9.5 x 12.375 x 1.25" boards covered with Moriki Japanese paper and cloth with a button closure; Rinehart box 12.25 x 9.25 x 1.5" Thai Unryu and Bariano Ingres papers and cloth covered boards; and, Schell case 9.75 x 18.65 x 1.25" Canford card stock and Fusion 4000. Each contains 58 broadsides of varying sizes, shapes, and material.

This special limited edition portfolio features the work of the artist members of The Center for Book Arts, New York City. Each participating artist submitted a broadside in an edition of 100. The theme of the project is the celebration of the contributions of the artist members, past and present, to the growth of the Center and the field of book arts over the past 30 years. Includes the catalogue, which opens to a poster where each of the 58 broadsides is illustrated. It also includes an essay by Nina Schneider and a curatorial statement by Roni Gross. Nancy Loeber, Barbara Mauriello, Benjamin Rinehart, and Peter Schell each designed a unique portfolio (edition of 25 each) to house the editions.


Participating members:

Eileen Arnow-Levine
Alice Austin
Lynne Avadenka (Land Marks Press)
Karen Baldner
Delphi Basilicato
Karen Bell
Mare Blocker (M Kimberly Press)
Crystal Cawley
Robert Charlton
Deborah Phillips Chodoff
Sas Colby
Ed Colker (Haybarn Press)
Ana Cordeiro
Beatrice Coron
Katherine D. Crone
Maryjean Viano Crowe
Joyce Cutler-Shaw
Evelyn Eller
Elsi Vassdal Ellis
Barbara Gilbert
Joan Iversen Goswell
Roni Gross
Karen Hanmer
Mary Heebner (Simplemente Maria Press)
Gloria Helfgott
Barbara Henry
June Hildebrand
Karen Kunc (Blue Heron Press)
John Laudenslager
Elena Laza
Nancy Loeber
Lois Lowenstein
Mikhail Magaril (Summer Garden Editions)
Emily Martin (Naughty Dog Press)
Ruth McGurk (Peripatetic Press)
Tadashi Mitsui
Rebecca Morton
Jan Owen
Michelle Racagni
Felicia Rice (Moving Parts Press)
Benjamin D. Rinehart
Marilyn R Rosenberg
John Ross
Susan Rotolo
Sibyl Rubottom & Jim Machacek (Bay Park Press)
Jen San Miguel
Marcia Scanlon
Miriam Schaer
Champe Smith
Esther K. Smith & Dikko Faust (Purgatory Pie Press)
Robert C. Smith
Gail Smuda
Diane M. Stemper
Larry Thomas
Rita Valley
Dana Velan
Ellen Wallenstein
Ewa Monika Zebrowski

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Center Broadsides Reading Series:
2006 Reading Series

By Grace Paley; Lynn Wagner; et al.
New York: Center for Book Arts, 2006. Edition of 100.

13 x 15" gate fold paper covered case. 12 broadsides of various sizes laid-in. Blue grosgrain ribbon tie closure. Each broadside signed by the poet.

Each year the Center for Book Arts in New York City sponsors poetry readings. For each reading they produce a broadside, and at year’s end publish the collection in a portfolio.

  The 2006 Series of broadsides:
Patricia Carlin, Untitled (14 x 5"; designed and printed by Delphi    Basilicato in an edition of 100)
Erica Ehrenberg, "Having it Out" (9 x 6"; letterpress printed in an    edition of 100 by Sarah Nicholls)
Elizabeth Frost, "Under Heaven" (12.25 x 13.25"; designed and    letterpress printed in an edition of 100 by Linda Seller)
Karen Garthe, "Bear" (11.75 x 9.75" designed and letterpress    printed in an edition of 100 by Roni Gross)
Jan Heller Levi, "Poem for William J. Morehouse" (13 x 7.5";    letterpress printed by Shanna Yarbrough in an edition of 100)
• Sheila Maldonado, "Five Words a Line, Six Lines a Stanza, Seven    Years of My Life" (7.5 x 8"; designed and letterpress printed in an    edition of 100 by Jessica Duffett)
Sharon Mesmer, "Retarded Aerosmith World" (13 x 9"; designed    and letterpress printed in an edition of 100 by Amber McMillan)
Grace Paley, "Here" (12.75 x 12"; letterpress printed in an edition    of 100 by Roni Gross)

David Trinidad, "To Arielle and the Moon" (11.5 x 12"; designed    and letterpress printed in an edition of 100 by Amanda    Stevenson)
Lynn Wagner, "Hokusai Before the Painting" (9 x 14" designed    and letterpress printed in an edition of 100 by Lynne Avadenka)

Rachel Wetzsteon, "Nightingales" (10.5 x 12"; designed and    letterpress printed in an edition of 100 by Barbara Henry)
Baron Wormser, "Carthage among School Children" (13.25 x 8";    designed and letterpress printed in an edition of 100 by Timothy    Sullivan)


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Center Broadsides Reading Series:
(Fifth Anniversary Set)

By Sharon Dolin; Marcella Durand; et al
New York: Center for Book Arts, 2006. Edition of 75.

5.75 x 7"; 21 loose leaves laid in red cloth box with matchbox style slip case. Paper title label on box. Design and typesetting by Marian Courie. Printed letterpress by Delphi Basilicato. Boxes produced by interns Sarah McDermott and Nicole Trigg under the supervision of Ana Cordeiro. Planned and implemented by the staff of the Center for Book Arts.

A boxed set of poetry and illustrations to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Poetry Reading series sponsored by the Center for Book Arts in New York City, held March 3, 2006. The fifth anniversary reading was hosted by Rory Golden, former Executive Director of the Center for Book Arts, who initiated the series. Series curators Sharon Dolin, Marcella Durand, Jackie Sheeler, Christopher Stackhouse, and Rodney Terich Leonard read, along with special guest poets Linda Susan Jackson, Rachel Levitsky, Mark Nickels, Angelo Verga, and Susan Wheeler.

The boxed set includes a poem and an image created in response to the poem:


Sharon Dolin
Marcella Durand
Linda Susan Jackson
Rodney Terich Leonard
Rachel Levitshky
Mark Nickels
Jackie Sheeler
Christopher Stackhouse
Angelo Verga
Susan Wheeler


Sara Parkel
Kelly Hitzing
Nancy Loeber
Rory Golden
Delphi Basilicato
Champe Smith
Jennifer Verbit
Amber McMillan
Sarah Nicholls
Barbara Henry


Center Broadsides Reading Series:
2004 Reading Series

Edition of 100.
11 x 16" portfolio letter case containing twelve broadsides. Portfolio paper covered boards with cloth spine and paper title label on front. Ribbon ties. Broadsides printed letterpress. Sizes vary from 6 x 13" to 14.5 x 8.5".

During the year The Center for Book Arts in New York City has poetry readings. For each poetry reading a broadside is produced. At the end of the year the broadsides are produced in a portfolio. The 2004 Series of broadsides include:


Jeanne Marie Beaumont, "The Hungry Bowl" (7.5 x 13"; printed    by Delphi Basilicato with artwork by Jennifer Verbit)
Mary DiLucia, "The Betrothal" (6 x 13"; designed & printed by    Timothy Sullivan)

Joe Elliot, "I can make a poem out of nothing" (6 x 9.25";    designed & printed by Champe Smith)
Renee Gladman, Untitled (9.25 x 15"), printed by Nancy Loeber)
Kenneth Hart, "Tik" (12 x 9.25"; illustration by Kim Kowalski)
Tony Hoagland, "Impossible Dream" (10 x 15"; printed by Earl    Kallemeyn)
Linda Susan Jackson, "Intuition" (9 x 15.5"; drawing & letterpress    printing by Jennifer Verbit)
Tsitsi Jaji, "The seat in front of me" (14.5 x 8.5"; designed &    printed by Amber McMillan)
Phillis Levin
"A Needle in the Sky" (7.75 x 11"; designed &    printed by Benjamin D. Rinehart)
Rachel Levitsky, "The Window Washer" (7.75 x 13"; printed by    Shanna Yarbrough)
• Trapeta B. Mayson,
"By the Roadside (For Liberian survivors of    war)" (10.5 x 13"; printed by Fameorshame Press)
Eugene Ostashevsky, "DJ Spinoza Does Not Fight the Begriffon"    (12.75 x 8.5"; designed & printed by Timothy Sullivan)


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