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Cannibal Ants
By Ruth McGurk
1996. Edition of 48.

6.25 x 9.25" with intricate, linocut illustrations. Spare text on the pages. A story synopsis on the front cover flap. Letterpress from reduction blocks and Ultra Boni Italic type on BFK Rives paper. Handbound in red, printed wrappers with exposed spine sewing.

The artist's darkly comic imagination is sparked by a strange-but-true occurrence on a Royal Jordanian Airlines flight. Hundreds of Bible "fans" returning from the Holy Land drop to their knees in the aisles as the plane descends. Meanwhile, the artist wonders if they have seen the emergency instructions card's serene depiction of a crash at sea. Yellow chutes launch themselves from the plane and metamorphose into festive tents on a pond. No chaos, no smoke, no body parts - only a note to the doomed to remove their high heels on the way out. The loopy pictograms spurred McGurk to do a cartoon disaster book. The result is this tale of an airliner crash in the jungle with only a few survivors who are themselves subsequently devoured by flesh-eating ants

Crash Site

Sated Ants

Aghast Victims



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