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Alicia Bailey ~ Colorado
Evanesco (Last 2 copies)

~ Canada
(Barbara Hodgson & Claudia Cohen)
Paper Botanists (Last 2 copies)

Rebecca Goodale ~ Maine
Elusive (Last Copy)
Imagining a No Go Zone (Last Copy)

Art Hazelwood ~ California
Journeys to the Moon and Sun (Last 2 copies)
Pandemonium (Last 3 copies)

Ed Hutchins ~ New York
Chromo Stew
Cooperation / Conflagration
El Taco de Ojo
Star Book
Tied for Success
Whatta Pie (Last 2 copies)
Words for the World

Christopher Kit Maddox ~ Minnesota
Cartographic Fragmentations (Last 2 copies)

Peter Newland ~ Washington
(Pied Typer Press)
Adrift on the Pandemic Sea

Old Fan Press ~ Louisiana
(Frank Hamrick)
Pulp ((Last 2 copies)

Red Hydra Press ~ Alabama
(Steve Miller)
Exactitude Along the Water

Carol Schwartzott ~ New York
(Lilliput Press)
A Brief History of the Quilt (Cabinet Deluxe) (Last 2 copies)
A Brief History of the Quilt [Miniature Deluxe] (Last 2 copies)
Coyote and the Shooting Stars, cabinet (Last Copy)
Palmistry (Last Copy)

The World is on a Fish’s Back (Last 2 copies)

Lex Thompson ~ Minnesota
Cheiro Language of the Hand
Martha Maxwell’s Menagerie

Verwandte Objekte ~ Germany
(Jule Claudia Mahn)
Related Children (Last 3 copies)

Philip Zimmermann ~ Arizona
(Spaceheater Editions)
Landscapes of the Late Anthropocene (Last 4 copies)

Related Children book
Related Children (Last 3 copies)
by Verwandte Objekte

Imagining a No Go Zone book
Imagining a No Go Zone (Last Copy)
by Rebeca Goodale

Coyote and the Shooting Stars, cabinet book
Coyote and the Shooting Stars, cabinet (Last Copy)
by Carol Schwartzott

Pulp book
Pulp ((Last 2 copies)
by Old Fan Press

Chromo Stew book
Chromo Stew
by Ed Hutchins


Page last update: 11.28.2023

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