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Andie Thrams is a California-based visual artist who creates paintings and artist's books that explore mystery, reverence and delight, while also grappling with the vanishing habitats of our era. Her lifelong devotion to creative work in wilderness locations, especially within the pages of her field journals, has evolved into two current bodies of work: IN FORESTS and FIELD STUDIES. These projects record her experiences during treks into remote forests from California to Alaska, and are informed by the lineages of illuminated manuscripts, natural history field journals and chance-based art.

In Forests Series  

Andie Thrams: "IN FORESTS is an ongoing series of artist's books and paintings documenting the remote and wild forests where I go, whenever I can, for hours, days or weeks at a time. Once there, I sit on the ground and work with ink, watercolor, gouache and pencil on watercolor paper. Though I format my pages with proportions inspired by medieval manuscripts, the content is otherwise unplanned and completed spontaneously outdoors. I bind my forest pages into boards covered with tyvek and rayon bookcloth. Each book holds original fieldwork where forest traces remain: raindrops, imperfections, reverence."


In Forests Volume XXXV
Watch the Light
Find the Colors

By Andie Thrams
Coloma, California: Andrea L. Thrams, 2015. One-of-a-Kind.

9.5 x 8.75"; 8.75" x .75" closed, extends to 114"; 16 pages. Double-sided accordion extending from back board foreedge. Journal entries and images on front side; illustration on back side. Painted, drawn, and hand-lettered. Media: watercolor, gouache and ink. Materials: Arches and Fabriano watercolor papers, Arches Text Wove papers, tyvek, cloth. Bound in cloth-covered boards. In matching slipcase with paper title on spine. Signed by the artist.

Andie Thrams: "IN FORESTS is an ongoing series of artist’s books documenting wild forests. Volume XXXV holds pages created on the islands of Kauai and Hawaii. While there, I worked sitting on the ground, rain and shine, sometimes using found twigs dipped in ink for drawing. My pages often make use of formatting proportions inspired by medieval manuscripts, but content is otherwise unplanned and completed spontaneously outdoors. Back in the studio, I bind these pages into each IN FORESTS volume, where traces of fieldwork remain: paint spatters, stains, debris, and other forest marks."

Text excerpt: "To be governed by sun, by light, to arise when light just barely appears, and paint & gaze into the new day, and then to cease activities, and sip & watch the light of sunset fade into dusk, to find the colors, then sleep."

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Titles no longer available by Andie Thrams:

In Forests Volumes:

Volume I: Time in the Trees SOLD
Volume II: Meandering in Yosemite's Big Trees SOLD
Volume III: To Begin SOLD
Volume IV: The Calligraphy of Twigs & Trees SOLD
Volume V: Like the Heartbeat of a Tree SOLD
Volume VI: All So Green SOLD
Volume VII: The Gloaming SOLD
Volume VIII: Time to Go SOLD
Volume IX: On and On SOLD
Volume X: This Forest These Trees SOLD
Volume XI: Everywhere and All Around SOLD
Volume XII: Shuyak Island Enchantment SOLD
Volume XIII: The Dazzle and Delight SOLD
Volume XIV: Great Northern SOLD
Volume XV: Happy to Walk In SOLD
Volume XVI: Great and Graceful SOLD
Volume XVII: The Ground Falls Away SOLD
Volume XVIII: Natural History (Catkins) SOLD
Volume XIX: No Real Answer SOLD
Volume XX: Wild Aliveness SOLD
Volume XXI: Found, Again SOLD
Volume XXII: Beneath Oak & Pine SOLD
Volume XXIII: How Altered is Vision? SOLD
Volume XXIV: A Vision Made Real SOLD
Volume XXV: Nightfall Moonrise SOLD
Volume XXVI: Knowing the Edges SOLD

Volume XXVII: Walking Near Them SOLD
Volume XXVIII: Fall Into, Dwell Amongst SOLD
Volume XXIX: Re-Enchanted SOLD
Volume XXX: Sinking Into It All SOLD
Volume XXXI: Left to Wonder SOLD
Volume XXXII: A Queenly Mossy Place SOLD

Volume XXXIII: Not Knowing SOLD
Volume XXXIV: In A Snowy Chair SOLD
Volume XXXVI In Wilder Corners SOLD

Volume XXXIV
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Field Studies:  

Arnica gracilis (We Know Why) SOLD
Aster Sibirus (All the Time in the World SOLD
Claytonia Perfoliata (Just Right Here) SOLD
Populus fremontia var. wislizenii (Cottonwood)
Aster Siberius (All the Time in the World) SOLD
Rosa woodsii (The Biggest Mystery) SOLD
Letharia vulpina
(Every Little Growing Green) SOLD






(We Know Why)
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