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Statement: " My work is the result of my perpetual pursuit of knowledge and understanding. As a child I realized quickly that the accumulation of information far exceeded the quantity that a dedicated classroom teacher had patience or time enough to teach me. I approach my work initially as a scientist approaches their research. I first gather information from primary sources. As the search images develop I follow a considerably less linear path and am attracted by the unexpected and overlooked. The disregarded records, figures or facts merge and become the atypical moments that facilitate my knowledge of materials, technology and objects. These moments nourish intuition and lead to invention. The combination of research, information and play is the subject of my work.".
Rain/fall collaboration at Center for Book & Paper Arts Chicago  

By Denise Bookwalter
Tallahassee, Florida: Denise Bookwalter, 2017. Edition of 10.

12 x 4 x 2". Laser cut. Printed at Small Craft Advisory Press in Tallahassee, Florida, on Japanese Hosho paper. Post bound with stainless steel screws and cloth over boards. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Envelope is an artist book about lighter-than-air flight, reflecting on its beauty and destructive power.

Colophon: "Envelope began in the summer of two thousand and eight when I traveled to Ohio and Germany to visit the archives of the Goodyear Blimp Company and Luftschifbau Zeppelin. . . .Between the pages it whispers about a summer of searching, of coffee breaks as newlyweds on the shore of Lake Constance, and all of the time between now and then."

The many definitions of envelope include the one for the gas bag that suspends the gondola of an airship or dirigible balloon. In Envelope the airship's envelope is revealed as developing space when one turns the pages. The complete dirigible shape takes form and disappears as one pages through the book.
$725 (Last 3 copies)

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