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Twilight Press: “Fruma Shrensel created her ­first artist book, Ordinary Things, in 1995 while working as a graphic artist in a commercial print shop with a newly acquired Indigo digital press, cutting-edge technology at the time.

“An artist with a passion for books, Fruma thought she had created a new art form using digital technology—until she discovered The Center for Book Arts in NYC, where she studied letterpress printing and bookbinding with seasoned professionals in the book arts world.

“Fruma recently began studying relief printing and monoprint to incorporate into her books. She continues to re­fine her artistic skill and technique with study and practice, calling on the rich artistic resources available throughout the country.”

There's a Tormentor in my Head!
By Fruma Shrensel
Seattle, Washington: Twilight Press, 2015. Edition of 50.

4.75 x 4.75 x 2.75" drop-back clamshell box containing nesting paper boxes. Materials: Binders board, Asahi bookcloth, acrylic paint, straight pins, waxed linen thread, and Lama Li handmade paper from Nepal. Digitally printed with an Epson Photo Stylus R2000 on Epson bright white acid free paper using the font Cracked. Box covered in black cloth with title pane on lid. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Structure of nesting boxes created by Hedi Kyle based on folding instructions from "Origami, 30 Fold-by Fold Projects," by Paulo Mulatinho.

Colophon: "There is a Tormentor in my head who rants. Sometimes his voice is loud, sometimes soft. He is judgmental and unforgiving. He has opinions about everything. He loves to watch me squirm with guilt by projecting painful scenes from my past into my head and he creates images of disaster for the future. He is dissatisfied with the present and tries to convince me I can only be happy when I have achieved or acquired something new.

"The Tormentor occasionally pretends he is a good friend, taking my side when I have a conflict. He eagerly flames the fires of my resentments and anger, convincing me that I am right and others are unjust, dishonest, or stupid.

"That voice is the source of my distress. It can't be strangled or drowned. It will never be completely silenced. I can observe it, ignore it, remind myself it is not be taken seriously, and turn my attention elsewhere. The rant will then fade into the background often disappearing for moments at a time like a quiet ocean wave.

"If you read this and say to yourself, 'I don't have a voice in my head,' that is your voice, you have just heard it."


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If not now, when?
By Fruma Shrensel
Seattle, Washington: Twilight Press, 2014. Edition of 100.

7" x 7" single page opening. Title on front cover in Hebrew and English. Colophon printed on back board. Interior board with layered successive 'reveals' of smaller openings: 3.5 x 3.5", 2.5 x 2.5", 1.5 x 1.5". Each flap hinged on a different side, lifting to reveal a painted image. Letterpress printed on Stonehenge paper. Stenciled with acrylic paint and marked with graphite. 2" green paper band closure. Signed and numbered by the artist on the colophon.

Twilight Press: "If not now, when? Attributed to Hillel the Elder, first century BCE. Excerpted from Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers), a compilation of ethical and moral teachings from the Mishnah, Jewish oral tradition put into writing by Rabbi Yehudah haNasi, during the end of the second and beginning of the third century CE. Created by Fruma Shrensel, to affirm her commitment to this principle, however slow its implementation."

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The Guardian of the Red Disk
By A poem by Emma Lazarus
Seattle, Washington: Twilight Press, 2014. Edition of 8.

27.25 x 17" closed, extends to 128"; 8 pages. Vertical accordion structure. Letterpress printed on Magnani Pescia paper with woodcut, monoprint, chine-collé, stencil, and ink-jet printing. Pages marked with graphite, acrylic, colored pencil, and gold foil. Bound in Laval book cloth using metallic thread. Laid in a handsewn felt wool wrap.

This dramatic monologue by Emma Lazarus (of Statue of Liberty fame) employs high irony to spotlight institutional anti-Semitism and how it can affect the human psyche. The speaker – a citizen of Malta in 1300 – lavishes praise on the Lord Bishop's plan to mark the face of every Jew with a Red Disk. Sadly, the Nazi's Jundenstern, the Jewish badge that was a perversion of the Star of David, has a long and inglorious history.

Fruma Shrensel: "An ancient narrative of oppression – the singling out of the weaker, the smaller, the other, for persecution – continues to replay itself throughout history, into the present. The poem is a witness to cruelty, interpreted now as a political statement exposing the consequences of intolerance. "

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Booby Prize
with commentary by Robert Frost
Poems by Fruma Shrensel & by Robert Frost
Seattle: Twilight Press, 2009. Edition of 15.

5.25 x 7.75"; 8 leaves. Accordion structure. Text and title label letterpress printed. The panels of the accordion, which contain artwork and Shrensel's poem were composed in Photoshop and printed digitally with archival inks. Frost's poem is printed line-by-line on a separate pieces of paper (1 x 7.5") and arranged across each opening as a pop-up. Bound with Japanese silk bookcloth boards. Elastic ribbon closure. Paper title label tipped on patterned paper and attaché to the cover.

Robert Frost's "Nothing Gold Can Stay" parallels Shrensel's poem about the inevitable course of time.

they were perfect
pert and perky
two nearly ripe
peaches ...

Fruma Shrensel: "Inspired by a 'call for entries' for an exhibit focusing on 'time.' This book was not finished in time to enter the exhibit that inspired it."

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be the change
By Fruma Shrensel
Seattle, Washington: Twilight Press, 2007.

5 x 7.5" flexagon. Illustrations created using Adobe Photoshop. Printed with digital technology on an Indigo press on acid-free, recycled, Classic Crest paper. Housed in portfolio style cover crafted from Canson Mi Teintes paper. Slip-on band with title.

Fruma Shrensel: "Our daily exposure to news of violence, hatred, and intolerance, can foster frustration, anger, or indifference. How can I, as an individual, make a difference?Gandhi taught that each one of us can be a conduit for change. Beginning with self, transforming our thoughts, speech, and actions, we will be creators of peace and compassion in the world."

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Battenti e Pomelli
(Doorknockers and Doorknobs)
By Fruma Shrensel
Seattle, Washington: Twilight Press, 2005. Edition of 50.

5 x 5" box containing 1.5 x 1.5" book. Box lid has square hole in the middle that allows the miniature book to be seen. Mixed media including found object. Miniature book bound in roll-out structure.

Literally translated, "Battenti e Pomelli" [Italian] means clappers and knurls – in other words, doorknockers and doorknobs. This miniature book offers seven battenti e pomelli, each the head of an animal or person.

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