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Artist's Statement: " A book is a surface—a physical placeholder that for millennia has been an emblematic infrastructure for the formation of civilizations, religions, and doctrines, and is thus physically marked by them.."

A Survey of a World
By Na'ama Zussman
Washington D.C.: Na'ama Zussman, 2015.

18.5 x 25 cm (open – 36.5 cm); 54 leaves. Screen-print on Thai Kozo, Cave Paper. Text composed in Meta Capitals and Constantia fonts. Bound in quarter leather with cloth covered boards. Cave paper endpapers. Slipped in surveyor's bag of cashmere cloth with leather tie closure. Interior bag pocket contains colophon sheet. Signed by the artist.

Na'ama Zussman: "A Survey of a World scrutinizes interactions between map and territory, along with memory and reality, whether of the surveyor herself—the creator of this artist’s book— or of other people. It surveys and seeks to capture the doubt in the role of the surveyor, and the inevitable immersion in this role. A Survey of a World portrays the endeavor of grasping the moment ahead of the impression of the territory, when doubt turns into representation."

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Non-Boundaries Series
By Na'ama Zussman
Washington D.C.: Na'ama Zussman, 2012 / 2013.

3 volumes laid in four-flap cloth covered case with ribbon and bone closure. Each volume 10 x 8" bound in white laminate covers with titles printed on front cover. Pages: 38, 30, 24.

Na'ama Zussman: "Interactions Between Memory and Reality, 2012 is a documentation of a project in which a group of people was asked to categorize a list of forty-two interactions between memory and reality, into three to five categories. This project has been a physical fulfillment of the question whether there is any unconscious, common ground to the way we categorize unfamiliar phenomena and interactions that haven’t been categorized for us in advance. Each group of categories represents each participant’s grouping and categorization of the forty-two interactions.

Interactions Between Memory and Reality II, 2013, the participants were asked to map up to five interactions from the same list of interactions, using Euclidean geometric tools of a dot and a line.

Panoptical Interactions Between Memory and Reality, 2013: Much has been written about Jeremy Bentham’s circular structure, the Panopticon, yet his ideas have rarely been realized. This book, the third in a non-boundaries series, uses Bentham’s panoptical stage, on which everything is visible, to develop a discourse among Bentham’s letters (which develop his theory and uses for the Panopticon) and the Interactions Between Memory and Reality of my earlier work. This book documents visually an escape from constant visibility."

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