Daniele Weinberger ~ New York


By Daniele Weinberger
Purchase, New York: Daniele Weinberger, 2007. Edition of 35.

5 x 5 x 1"; 58 pages. Archival ink jet printing. Chinese butterfly stiff-page structure with interior gate folds. Archival ink jet printing. Casebound in cloth covered boards with ink jet printed dust jacket.

Daniele Weinberger: "Breathe consists of two confessional narratives, which run in parallel thematically. The book structure directly supports the telling of these two stories. Gate folded pages are adhered back to back, creating a clearly defined exterior and interior space. The exterior story tells of my experience of acquiring and caring for goldfish. Thematically, it explores the compulsion to acquire and keep things even if it selfishly fulfills a personal need at the expense of another. The interior pages tell of the dark, tumultuous time of my younger brother’s hospitalization during a nearly terminal case of pneumonia.

"The stories are not linked chronologically. The goldfish narrative occurs subsequent to the hospitalization but it is directly dependent on my brother’s survival of his illness. The juxtaposition only exists as a result of his recovery. Though both narratives have their own conclusion, seven more spreads are provided at the end of the book to form a unifying epilogue. The epilogue offers a current snapshot of my brother’s life and the current status of my goldfish tank. The epilogue also introduces more of my own story and how my brother’s disabilities and hospitalization ultimately brought me to fulfill my own dream of attending art school. "

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