TwoD Press ~ Germany
( Daniela Deeg and Tobias Deeg)


Trans Americana '98
By Daniela Deeg and Tobias Deeg
Athens, Georgia: TwoD Press, 1998. Edition of 40.

5 x 4.5 x .5"; 16 cards. Designed on the computer using Photoshop and QuarkXPress. Letterpress photopolymer printed (silver, blue/red, orange, pink/blue, green, silver) on Stonehenge white, grey and tan. With banderole and vellum envelope. Signed by Daniela Deeg on the banderole.

Daniela Deeg: "Trans Americana '98 is a collaborative with Tobias Deeg as TwoD Press. We were traveling across country, separate from each other, but sometimes to the same destinations. Both of us were documenting the journey in photographs, being like an old explorer of the scientific age as we were discovering images, rescuing them from being forgotten. Using collagetechniques to depict the shock of the known meeting the unknown, the images of Trans Americana '98 are derived closely from the original objects depicted, mostly photographs of typical American forms, buildings, and everyday objects, scanned in and transformed through the computer."

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