Trouser Press ~ California
(Lisa Rappoport)

Littoral Press, another imprint of Lisa Rappoport

Poetry by Lisa Rappoport, Mona Ausubel, Nora Ryerson
Pictures by Claribel Cone
Oakland, California: Trouser Press, 2003. Edition of 37.

12 x 6.5"; 32 pages. Includes three monoprints, color Xerox reproductions. Printed in handset Centaur and Arrighi on Rives heavyweight in seven ink colors. Covers of Spanish Handmades, mocha or salmon. Endpapers of lilac Fabriano Tiziano or salmon or wheat Fabriano Italia. Three poems each by Mona Ausubel, Nora Ryerson, and Lisa Rappoport with three prints by Claribel Cone. "3 x 4" was conceived and collected by Claribel cone. She collaborated on the design with Lisa Rappoport.

        3 pieces x 4 friends equals 1 book

I looked at him like he was made of butter.
I was ready to move my hands
down his entire body in one smooth, slick, drop...
            Mona Ausubel, "Wheelbarrows"

I need someone to call me holy,
to see the tarnished pear glistening
beneath the dross..
              Lisa Rappoport, "Buried"

Time passes in helicopter staccato...
              Nora Ryerson, "Waking"


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Heavenly Blue
By Lisa Rappoport
Oakland, California: Trouser Press, 1997. Edition of 53.

All titles begin with an initial cap that is handpainted with gold. Floral stamps are Inkjet printed, and in the deluxe edition, handcolored by Cone. Letterpress printed from handset Centaur on Frankfurt paper. Stab sewing. A monoprint by the artist adorns the bright aqua, Thai paper cover. The edition of 53 includes 15 lettered copies.

Heavenly Blue is a set of eleven poems by Lisa Rappoport accompanied with floral stamps by Claribel Cone. These are poems of love and loss, life, death and desire that draw on flora and fauna to express their meanings.

   "Whenever you go there, something is blooming."

$97 Standard (Out of print)
$177 Deluxe (Last Copy)

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