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Jennifer Brook: "I am a writer and book artist. My current body work investigates personal and ancestral histories with the intention of uncovering the stories held and hidden within the body.

"Throughout the book development process, I seek to engage dialogue between the content and form of the book. This dialogue informs my choice of materials and in turn cultivates a deeper relationship between the book form, the physical body, and memory."


By Jennifer Brook
North Carolina: Tree House Press, 2006. Edition of 48.

3.5 x 7"; 12 pages. The pages are pouches of cream-colored Stonehenge open at the top, the spines and flyleaves Strathmore Kimono Red. Text printed on peach vellum by a Vandercook proofing press using hand-set 10 point Garamond. Each page/pouch has a house-shaped die cut opening. The first sentence of a short short story (printed on vellum that rests in the pocket) is visible in the opening. Pulling the vellum from the pouch reveals the rest of the story.

Twelve stories exploring memory and houses. Writer/book artist Brook has lived in many houses. The structure – skin-like pouches, door-like openings, dangling web-like threads – suggest that the body becomes a home for memory.

Jennifer Brook: "This book was created with the support of numerous midwives and matron saints. The twelve stories are based on memories from twelve of my childhood houses."


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Tree House Press Out of Print Title:  

By Jennifer Brook
New York: Tree House Press, 2008. Edition of 20.

7.75 x 4.75 x 4"; 24 pages. Materials: wood, milk paint, goat parchment, and steel. Six niches or recesses, formed by the space between two identical wooden panels (shaped like a round-topped wooden door cut vertically in half) hold 6 wooden bird-shaped panels. The bird-shaped panels can be partially removed, held to the whole (and the hole) by braided twine. The niches/recesses are covered and hinged (top, bottom, and one side) with goat parchment. The 6 recesses are bookended by single panels covered and attached by the same piece of goat parchment. These front and back panels are part of the closure system, a stud and ring clasp, the ring on one end of braided twine that passes through the middle of the wooden panels and prohibits complete removal of any bird-shaped panel. Text is printed on the front and back of each double-paneled recess and on the front and back of the bird-shaped panels.

Jennifer Brook: "Through fictional and historical narratives, Descendant traces a personal southern lineage that begins with Gibson, an African brought to Jamestown, Virginia, in the 1600's, and stretches twelve generations and 400 years into the present."

This simple statement, while accurate, does not begin to describe the intricacy – both physical and emotional – of this work.
$900 (SOLD)

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