Mel Smothers ~ California


The Wedding Book
By Mel Smothers
San Francisco, California: Mel Smothers, 2010. Open Edition.

10 x 11.5"; 21 pages. Digital prints. Spiral bound at top.

Mel Smothers: "I read in the NY Times a few years ago that Andy Warhol's ocean-side estate at Montauk, New York was sold. I made a point of driving out to get a feel for the place. It's been almost fifty years since Andy was a very busy guy in New York City; he was famous, he was mass producing contemporary art, he was using images he found in the NY Times. Montauk wasn't on Andy's calendar much. His famous friends liked it out there, and I took a look around and like it too. I started painting Andy postcards thinking he would have liked that.

"I was encouraged to write the story [The Wedding Book] last year when my paintings were being shown in the lobby at a film festival in NYC and was noticed by one of the participants. I waved the idea off, I'm a painter and not a writer. But, a week or two later, I began trying to find words to tell the story. I used an I-Phone and wrote 5000 words on a road trip, all of those words, edited over the last year have been reduced down to the current book."

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