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Anne Covell: "As an artist, I am compelled by the ephemerality of nature and seek to make sense of my place within it. My work is a contemplation and reflection of this struggle."
Natural Order - A Game of Pairs
By Anne Covell
Iowa City, Iowa: Sin Nombre Press, 2012. Edition of 50.

2.5 x 3.25 x.5"; 30 cards, pamphlet (28 pages). Printed letterpress from photopolymer plates on French's chipboard. Cards and pamphlet housed in folding chipboard card case with slip and slot closure. Signed and numbered.

Anne Covell: "Natural Order: A Game of Pairs is a play on the childhood game of memory. However, instead of matching like pairs, the goal of this game is to learn to associate and partner symbiotic relationships as they are found in nature. Players learn not only about mutual partnerships, but also about commensal and parasitic ones in order to better understand the complexity, diversity, and often brutal severity of relationships that bring order to the natural world. Thirty cards with hand-drawn illustrations, learning guide, and case letterpress printed from photo polymer plates on French's chipboard."

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By Anne Covell
Iowa City, Iowa: Sin Nombre Press, 2009. Edition of 20.

4.5 x 9.75"; 22 pages. 6 folios consisting of 3 gatefolds, 2 left foldouts, and 1 right foldout. Text handset in Joanna with Elizabeth titling on ink-washed and waxed Kitakata paper. Housed in blue envelope with slot-and-slip closure and title tipped in on front cover.

Anne Covell: "I often approach my work as exercises in sensory exploration. A book for me is as much about the tactile experience of handling, as it is about the sound it makes in action, the smell of its ink, and the shape and texture of its visual makeup. Much of my work for this reason draws upon the evocative nature of the senses in relationship to memory, and in tandem, as each relate to the structure of the book as a medium for expressing the passing of time and the fragility of nature. This is evident in works such as Mnemosyne which utilizes the translucency of wax, the layering of imagery, and the irregular fold of the page to evoke a sense of recollection and mourning for memories that have faded or been lost with time."

Colophon: "[Text] is credited to Plato's Theaetetus, 360 BCE. The images and memories are the artist's own."

Theo Project: "Mnemosyne was Titan goddess of memory and remembrance and the inventress of language and words. As a Titan daughter of Ouranos (Heaven), Mnemosyne was also a goddess of time. She represented the rote memorisation required, before the introduction of writing, to preserve the stories of history and sagas of myth. In this role she was represented as the mother of the Mousai (Muses), originally patron goddesses of the poets of the oral tradition."
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Sin Nombre Press Out of Print Title:  
Natural Dyeing Methods for Handmade Paper
By Anne Covell
Iowa City: Sin Nombre Press, 2010. Deluxe edition of 10.

6.75 x 9.5 x 1.75" box with pamphlet and separate tray of samples. Pamphlet: 6.4 x 8.6, 16 pages; sewn binding. Samples: 15 quarter sheets. Clamshell box covered in book cloth with dyed paper samples inset in a layered column on front. Includes lid for tray in matching cloth to separate pamphlet and samples.

Sin Nombre Press: "Natural Dyeing Methods for Handmade Paper explores brush dyeing techniques for applying natural dyes to handmade papers. The box set includes a descriptive pamphlet outlining formulas and processes for dyeing paper by hand, and a removable tray with fifteen quarter sheet dyed kozo samples."

Anne Covell, introduction: "In Japan, there are four established methods for dyeing paper: sakizome (pulp dyeing), tsukezome (dip dyeing), hakezome (brush dyeing), and sukikaeshi (dyeing and redyeing). For this the purposes of this project, I have followed traditional methods of hakezome (brush dyeing) in combination with natural dyes and mordants of local origin. I'd like to note that while this project is conceptualized with respect for traditional Japanese dyeing methods, it is in many ways a personal adaptation based upon available resources and general curiosities."

Colophon: "This book was researched and produced by Anne Covell between January and May of 2010 as her Final Thesis Project for the University of Iowa for the Book Graduate Certificate in Book Studies / Book Arts and Technologies."

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Raking Light
By Anne Covell
Iowa City, Iowa: Sin Nombre Press, 2013. Edition of 20.

3.5 x 5" closed, 54" extended; 22 pages including pastedowns. Variable page width accordion. Printed at the University of Iowa Center for the Book from reduction linoleum and handset Bembo on handmade kozo. Boards covered in walnut dyed papers created by the artist. Numbered and initialed by the artist. In matching paper slipcase, open at both ends. Inset of translucent paper allows the title from the front board to show through.

Sin Nombre Press: "Raking Light is a meditation on the Japanese aesthetic wabi-sabi, which seeks to find beauty within the simplicity, austerity, and asperity of a given form or space. Depicted within are shoji screens that frame window views onto a raked garden. These raked lines suggest the life cycle of a body of water as it begins as a waterfall, travels by river, and ultimately flows to the ocean. As the structure unfolds, window views enlarge to echo the river’s growth and to emphasize an implied architecture that shifts between interior and exterior, shadow and light. Raking Light draws as inspiration from walking the raked gardens of Kyoto’s Daisen-in. By selective omission, it does not reference a specific time or place, but instead abstracts and distills personal memory to its more universal essence. "

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