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(Pati Scobey)

Pati Scobey, artist statement: "I can feel the first part of my life rub against the last part. Both, however, meld in my work as a visual artist. Being raised in an Air Force family, my early environment continually shifted and allowed me glimpses of other cultures and landscapes. In contrast, for the past 17 years I have been tied to one piece of land in Michigan and have developed a deep connection to place. Approaching my work in printmaking and bookmaking with an attitude of exploration and experimentation, I balance discovery with planning and I work through ideas in a spirit as akin to drawing as to printing. My printing process is comprised of combining plates depicting narratives and patterns in nature with stencils which are a vocabulary of shapes and characters. Through the manipulation of these elements, I produce layers and levels of form and color on the page or in the book which evoke a sense of movement, geography, and journeys. I view the work as an attempt to answer questions I ask myself."

Under Falling Questions
By Pati Scobey
2000. Edition of 27.

5 x 7.75" closed. Casebound and housed in a painted box embossed with images and the title. In the handmade paper by MacGregor there is an eye watermark designed by the artist.

Three signatures of richly printed pages combine letterpress with relief printing and stenciling techniques. Small pages, torn from paper made by the artist, are nested inside larger pages made by Katie MacGregor of Whiting, Maine. Images are concealed and then revealed as the pages are lifted and turned.

                   falling questions
              there is no silence

$950 (Last Copy)

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Internal Change #1
By Pati Scobey
Ricochet Works / Women's Studio Workshop, 1988. Edition of 50.

4.25 x 7" accordion fold book. The four color lithograph is printed onto the artist's handmade paper. The edition was printed at the Lawrence Lithography Workshop in Lawrence, Kansas. It was published by the Women's Studio Workshop of Rosendale, New York.

Pati Scobey is a visual artist using the book form as another medium to express her art. In this book using her printmaking and art she pulls us into images of change.
$200 (Last four copies)

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Ricochet Works Out of Print Title:
• Window

Dorothy During Wounded Knee (a portrait at sixteen)
By Karen A. Snider
Madison, Wisconsin: Salient Seedling Press, 1984. Edition of 200.

6.5 x 8; 29 pages. A narrative poem illustrated with Pati Scobey's copper etchings (including one on a fold-out page) relief rolled and printed on Rives Heavyweight and the printer's handmade papers. Types: Ashley Crawford and Palatino. Stiff wraps with handsewn binding and title blind stamped on cover.

A poem of angry frustration about a young waitress in a cowboy's world, a world of "racist ignorant manure covered assholes!"

Colophon: "Karen Snider's poem comes from a long ongoing series entitled The Dorothy Poems."

all day during wounded
knee all day wounded knee
my red hands scuttling
scuttling over shifting plates
I curse the fates
and fill the catsup




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By Pati Scobey
Concord, Michigan: Ricochet Works, 2008. Edition of 17.

4.75 x 4.25"; 20 pages. Text and images printed letterpress on Gampi, Sugi kawa shi (pine skin paper), and linen book cloth. Single signature bound in quarter cloth. Covers of 2-ply museum board embossed and printed with iridescent acrylics. Book housed in printed linen bookcloth envelope-style portfolio.

A delicate embodiment of morning’s coming to consciousness, still drifting with night currents, awash with melancholy, and struggling to recapture the “box of lost words.



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