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Mary Rezny: "As an artist I am infinitely curious, as a photographer I enjoy taking a simple object and turning it into something extraordinary to look at. I have a traditional photographic background, yet my imagery is anything but traditional. ...

"Making these one of a kind, photo alternative series images has led to my interest in artists books as a way to share my views. The book is a natural extension of my sequential photography. Expanding the images into sculptural and movable books provides a unique method to display photographic art."
That Last Leaf
an observation

By Mary Rezny
Lexington, Kentucky: Mary S. Rezny, 2015. Edition of 30.

6 x 4.5" closed; 6-fold flag book. Printed on Strathmore cold press and cover stock. Paper covered boards with images. Four prints, cover, back, inside front, and back. Pressed Ginkgo leaf attached to pastedowns. Signed and numbered by the artist on the colophon.

Mary Rezny: "The Ginkgo tree is one of the last to lose its leaves, suddenly they're gone accept for one. This flag book of 14 panels captures that moment of wind and anticipation."

Colophon: "A native of China, the Ginkgo tree is most recognizable for its unique leaf. The bright yellow leaf is one of the last visions of fall. Suddenly the tree sneezes ... the leaves fall all at once ... except for one ..."


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Queen Anne's Lace
My Mother's Favorite

By Mary S. Rezny
Lexington, Kentucky: Mary S. Rezny, 2014. Edition of 30.

5 x 4" closed extends to 30"; 12 panels. Accordion structure with pop-up elements. Archival prints on Strathmore cold press and cover stock. Bound in paper over boards with lace over front board. Signed and numbered by the artist on the colophon.

Mary Rezny: "As a child I remember picking Queen Anne's lace with my mother … Queen Anne's Lace is a panoramic view of 12 panels in an accordion format with pop-up techniques. The front cover is bound with lace that my mother collected."

Colophon: "The Queen Anne's lace has been beautiful this summer. In the country you see field after field full of the flowers. In the city it grows in the corner of every vacant lot. As a child I remember picking Queen Anne's lace with my mother. It was one of her favorites.

"This field of Queen Anne's lace was photographed on a trip to my sister's. The flower on the cover is from the vacant lot across from the studio."


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Entwined Nasturtium
By Mary S. Rezny
Lexington, Kentucky: Mary S. Rezny, 2013. Edition of 30.

5.25 X 3 X .75” closed, extends to 5.25 X 34 X 2". Double-sided accordion extending from the back pastedown. Images of photographic prints on watercolor and matte papers. Bound in Japanese grass paper with 4 beaded hemp threads acting as a closure. Initialed and numbered on the back cover.

Mary Rezny: "An entwined vine, a deep green rounded leaf, a trumpet flower of yellow-orange, the nasturtium adds just a bit of color to the garden. After the frost, the leaves and flowers wither, change their shape and color, but the vine continues to hold them together. The 'Entwined Nasturtium' interweaves these stages.

"The two textures of paper woven in this accordion book along with the hemp thread closure and grass paper captures the connectivity of the vine."



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I Think I Have a Floater
By Mary S. Rezny
Lexington, Kentucky: Mary S. Rezny, 2013. Edition of 10.

7 X 5.5 X .5” closed, extends to 7 X 11 X 4”. Tunnel book extending from back paste down. Images are copies of original photograms by the artist. Bound in black Canson paper. Google eyes tipped on front board. Black eyeglass frames with elastic thread acts as a closure. Initialed and numbered on the colophon by the artist.

Mary Rezny: "“I think I have a floater … It starts in the peripheral part of my vision … looks like a gnat … but then sometimes it is a gnat … I shoo it away … later it’s back … I think I have a floater…

"This tunnel book is created with archival copies of a series of photograms that were made by placing cicada exoskeletons and eye glass frames directly on photographic paper. The exoskeletons were found in my yard. The eyeglass frames were found in a cabinet from an optical shop that had gone out of business. The photogram is a photo-alt process that I use frequently in my mixed media … a process that keeps the 'magic' in photography.”


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A Rose
By Mary S. Rezny
Lexington, Kentucky: Mary S. Rezny, 2012. Edition of 50.

5.25 X 7.25”; 7 leaves. Prints made from original photograms. Bound in 90# Strathmore paper. Sewn signature with rose stem stick binding. 2 x 2.25" window cut in front cover revealing pressed rose petal. Signed and numbered by the artist on the colophon.

Mary Rezny: "Every summer day I am greeted at the back door by a blooming rose bush. No matter what kind of day I have had the rose’s beauty always makes me smile. I wanted to enjoy that feeling every day of the year.

"This book is a collection of a series of photograms study of the Rose. I began by placing parts of the rose bush on photographic paper, exposing it to the sun and making a photogram. After reducing the rose to basic photographic tones, I added a small amount of paint to remind me of the color of the leaves and petals. Finally a dried element of the rose was added into the composition. This study of pattern and recognition keeps the rose alive throughout all the seasons."


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Sensual Bark
By Mary Rezny
Lexington, Kentucky: Mary S. Rezny, 2011. Edition of 30.

6 x 8" closed, 12 x 8" open; 16 pages. Archival ink jet prints on watercolor paper with charcoal drawings. Bound with a spine of bark. Enclosed in a matching paper slipcase.

Mary Rezny: "A photographic observation of the rich, sensual forms and textures of bark is accentuated by adding a figurative drawing on top of the photograph. Each page is shown with and without the drawing. Velum covers [overleaves] were added on several of the pages so the viewer can find and draw his own interpretation of the figure. "

Mary Rezny, Colophon: "I don't remember exactly when I started taking a serious look at bark; perhaps when I was walking the dog on a bleak winter day, or maybe when I was helping my husband split firewood. I do know that I was taken by how rich and sensual the forms and textures of bark are. My photographic study began to accentuate these attributes. By adding a figurative drawing to the photograph my intent was to further illustrate these forms. I wanted to make a simple line similar to Alexander Calder's marvelous drawings. My good friend and excellent figure drawer, Karen Spears, helped me locate the figure within the photograph and I soon learned that Calder only made it look simple.

"In this book of bark I've assembled some of my favorite views. It is amazing how many different interpretations of the figure can be found within the bark."

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White Bird ...
By Mary S. Rezny
Lexington, Kentucky: Mary S. Rezny, 2011. Edition of 50.

5 x 3.5" closed, extends to 22"; 12 pages. Woven accordion book structure extending from back panel. Archival inkjet prints. Illustrated paper wrapper with seashell and jute closure.

Mary Rezny: "For White Bird I utilized a single large photographic image of the marsh birds, and then wove additional images of marsh grass to make the birds 'hide. The format is known as a 'woven accordion' book, which I neatly tied with a shell remnant."

White bird…hide in the marsh…stalk your prey…sit on the rail…tell your tale…
$ 60

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Fish in the Sky

By M. S. Rezny
Lexington, Kentucky: Mary S. Rezny, 2010. Edition of 100.

5 x 5"closed, opens to 10" diameter. Star structure of six panels. Archival ink jet prints. Other materials: velum and for the closure, an authentic fish hook (de-bared) and bobber. Fish hook and bobber closure.

Mary Rezny: "Photographs of cumulus clouds create a dimensional representation of sky into which cut out photographs of brightly painted fish (models) are suspended. A sculptural star book that incorporates many pop-up book techniques to juxtapose the fish into the sky - OH MY! "
$ 175

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