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Paper Portals Press is a group of artists that come together to create collaborative works.

Other work by Carolyn Leigh
Other work by Curt Dornberg


Portals on Camino de Oeste
By Junardi Armstrong; Lynne Carnes; Curt Dornberg; Carolyn Leigh; Ann Richwine; Donn Sanford
2004. Edition of 32 (26 lettered copies and six artists' proofs.

Case dimensions 7 x 5.5 x 4" closed; 41" open. Case constructed using book board, Iris cloth for the cover, Gocco printed panels and hand painted Moriki paper covering the box pockets. Case closes with a silver "S" hook held by a ribbon. Hand-lettered title label.

On a sun-washed February morning six diverse book artists explored the tributaries of a Sonoran desert wash flowing from the Tucson Mountains. This provided the raw material for this collection of six distinctive artists' books, housed in an ingenious accordion case.

"Terra Mater Amo" by Junardi Armstrong: "This pamphlet is created from my photographs, graphics, paintings and handmade papers. The papers include: Spanish flax, gampi, abaca and cotton linters. The images are scanned on an Epson Perfection 1260 and printed on an Epson 860 from an iMac OS 9.2.2. It is handbound using archival glues, acid free cotton natural white papers and bristol board." Her booklet contains sketches and photos of the desert with notes on her observations of butterflies, stone sentinels, and a horned lizard.

Lynne Carnes' "Tangled" was designed, written with a bamboo pen, hand drawn with a micron pen, Gocco printed on paste paper, and pamphlet bound. The booklet is a set of odd angled pages and drawings of swirls and whirls of motion accompanied by Carnes observation: "With little vegetation to stop it, soot-blackened water collects and funnels into dry streambeds, combines with other streams, gains momentum and storms downward, crashing and foaming, writhing and twisting, uprooting and shredding, distorting and plundering to the desert and its arroyos below."

Carolyn Leigh's "Dry Water" was formatted in Adobe Photoshop 7 on a Macintosh G4. Typeface is Goudy Catalogue BT. Giclée printed on Hahnemuhle Bugra Pastel papers. Cover papers painted with Daniel Smith and Golden acrylics. Leigh: "'Dry Water' integrates my poem and my visual concept into a single sculptured book of the Tucson Mountains. The left peak cover contains pop-up plunge pools representing the mossy remnants of rain. The right peak pages represent a flash flood as it churns down Camino de Oeste Wash."

Curt Dornberg's "Reaching for Bedrock" is electronically printed on brown Bogus and Exact cover with inserts of acetate transparencies. The poem is printed in Papyrus and the citations in Palatino Linotype. The citations, from Lambert Wood's "A Geological Sketch of the Region of Tucson, Arizona" are printed on inserts of acetate transparencies.

Donn Sanford's "Camiño del Oeste" has a letterpress printed cover with text pages printed digitally. Three of Sanford's black and white photographs of the desert are accompanied by his words.

Ann Richwine's "Camino del Oeste Wash: Textures" features seven of her photographs digitally printed in shades of brown desert tones. No text, none needed.


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Camino de Oeste Textures by Ann Richwine

Reaching for Bedrock by Curt Dornberg

Dry Water by Carolyn Leigh

Camino del Oeste by Donn Sanford

Terra Mater Amo by Junardi Armstrong

Tangled by Lynne Carnes



Paper Portals Press SOLD Titles:  

Old Pueblo Doors
By Curt Dornberg and Lynne Carnes
Tucson, Arizona: Paper Portals Press, 2009. Edition of 25.

13.5 x 7" closed; 5 panels. Accordion structure. Printed on Frankfurt paper over museum board. Illustrations and lettering by Lynne Carnes. Text, structural design, and construction by Curt Dornberg. Folded and laid in a wrapper of cloth-covered boards with magnetic closure, a paper title label on exterior, and an illustrated interior.

Curt Dornberg: "A theater of Tucson-inspired doorways, Old Pueblo Doors consists of five double-faced and double-shuttered portals, which open, concertina-style, to form a street-scape around an open plaza. Each shutter displays an aphorism on the nature of doors."

Doors point to the mystery of what is beyond.
What is on the other side.
Never more so than when first looked through.


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