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Santa Clara University: “In an increasingly chaotic world, Matt Phillips’ work allows us a moment of peaceful pause—a chance to delight in the simple pleasures of a masterfully placed line and a skillful touch of color. These works encourage us to slow down, savor the pleasures of life, and ultimately indulge in their beauty.”
Accordion books by Matt Phillips  

Song of Solomon
By Matt Phillips
Palo Alto, California: Editions Koch, 2007. Edition of 21.

9.5 x 14.25 x 1.125"; 23 leaves. Designed and printed by Peter Koch. Letterpress printed from photopolymer plates on Rives BFK. Text composed in Rialto DF, a lyrical Roman and Italic typeface based on Italian Renaissance models designed by Giovanni de Faccio and Lui Karner in 1999. Contains twelve drypoints hand colored by the artist and one relief print. Housed in quarter leather clamshell box.

Colophon: "Koch has printed the Song of Solomon (under his Editions Koch imprint, also 2007) to accompany the Picassoesque dry-point etchings of the painter Matt Phillips, who turned eighty years old this past summer [2007]."

A celebratory book of human love in verse and illustration.

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth:
For thy love is better than wine.


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By Matt Phillips
Palo Alto, California: Matt Phillips, 2002. Edition of 8 on BFK Rives plus 3 deluxe Artist's Proofs on Japanese paper.

11.75 x 15.25"; 8 pages. Eight copper plate drypoints BFK Rives housed in cloth-covered portfolio with tie closure on three sides.

A portfolio of female nudes by California artist Matt Phillips.

Matt Phillips: "Although I have been interested in drawing from the figure as long as I can remember, this particular group of drypoints specifically began in Pray, Montana, where I was fortunate to discover two good, patient models to work with. From drawings and photo sketches of these fine women, and later in Emeryville, California, where I discovered a third excellent model, I was finally able to make these drypoints on copper plates, printed by Kay Bradner, one of California's finest printers. These Etudes are intended to show a good deal of concentrated simplification, yet I trust the spectator will not find them too simplistic."

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D. Vanessa Kam, Matt Phillips: The Magic in his Prints: "The images that Phillips draws in the creation of his work nourish an undeniable sense of place that he strives to evoke. Among the subjects he returns to, time and again, are beach scenes, the bustle of open air markets in such places as Guatemala, Israel, and Morocco ... and the rolling hills of Napa Valley and Montana. Phillips, a veritable artist nomad, seems equally intrigued by the attributes of nature (coastlines, trees and other landscape features) as he is the attributes of people (their architectural structures such as mosques and the Eiffel Tower, the sociological phenomenon of modern-day markets and their attendant colors)."

By Matt Phillips
Palo Alto, California: Matt Phillips, 2002. Edition of 8 plus 4 Artist's Proofs.

7.5 x 6"; 8 pages. Accordion structure. Color linocuts printed on Kitakata. Colophon on back board. Design and production by Susannah Hays. Signed and numbered by the artist. Artist statement laid-in.

Matt Phillips: "This book is homage to Morocco, a country that I have visited some six times....

"Each of my trips has been unique in its way. Going there has changed my art beginning with the first 1969-70....I have made many photographs of Morocco, also many drypoints and monotypes, and now this limited edition book inspired by markets. My intention is to offer a palette of sensory delights, to show impressions of people and things. Moroccans sitting or standing or lying before entrances to markets, to capture the flow of images that one sees while strolling along amazing streets piled high with goods, with fruits, nuts, clothing, leather, and who knows what. A fantasy pervades my book which is a reflection of the fantasy we call Morocco.

"Technique: to make these books I have cut many sheets of battleship grey linoleum, selecting 10 for the final books. Each section of each book has been painted in oils, printed on Kitakata paper by my hand. For this I used a Japanese tool, the barren. Each book is unique in that the colors and sequence of images have been varied."

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