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Joanne Price: "Imagination and experiences, stories and mythologies provide catalysts for my art."

Palm Tree Story
A Columbian oral story
with illustrations by Joanne Price
Minneapolis, Minnesota: Joanne Price, 2010. Edition of 100: 80 pamphlets, 20 portfolios.

Pamphlet edition
11 x 6"; 16 leaves. Printed on Arturo 120g soft white. Illustrated with 12 wood engravings plus linocut embellishments. Bound in brown paper covered wraps.

Portfolio edition
8 x 10.5" cloth-covered clamshell box with book and portfolio laid in. Accordion book (4 pages) bound in cloth covered boards. Letterfold portfolio with 10 signed prints. Printed on Revere Silk standard white paper.

Palm Tree Story is adapted from Latin American Folktales: Stories from Hispanic and Indian Tradition edited by John Bierhorst (2002). It is presented in two versions, a pamphlet and portfolio edition, each presenting the story in very different way. The pamphlet edition presents the tale with the wood engravings and linocut embellishments incorporated with the text. The portfolio edition presents the text and selected embellishments as an accordion book and in a separate portfolio presents the wood engravings on loose sheets.

Joanne Price: "The Palm Tree Story is a Columbian oral tale chronicling a little boy’s quest to help three men who had set out to find their fortunes. Along the way the boy encounters continual resistance and rejection from the three men, but he endures their trials and outwits an old woman with evil intentions. The boy guides the men to a fortuitous future despite their cruelty."

$225, pamphlet
$340, portfolio

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