Susan Mills ~ New York


BySusan Mills
New York: Susan Mills, 2010. Edition of 22 variants.

4.75 x 4 x 1.5"; 44 pages. Large sheet of paper folded and cut into signatures. Sewn in a Coptic style with sewn endbands and a laced leather spine with wooden boards of juniper.

Susan Mills: "On one side I wrote the word juniper in sumi ink and on the other side larch; two names for the same tree. The covers are of actual juniper and a scan of each cover in the edition is tipped into each book....

"Everything refers to the tree and everything refers to the book. The book structure is historical - a multi-quire medieval Coptic codex based on the 4th-century Glazier Codex at the Morgan Library. I am a fan of the Reanimation Library in Brooklyn [a public library that rescues discarded books for their visual content and makes them available to artists, cultural anthropologists, and others]....This book responds to my research at Reanimation Library. In the way that they collect discarded books I wanted
to work with a discarded book form in a modern way, not as a museum model, and not referring to its history.

"Juniper is a strong and graceful tree found in many varieties and in many climates throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. Juniper is known in many cultures for its medicinal and purification properties. It is also used in shipbuilding. This juniper is from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia."

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