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Diane Fine: " My prints, books and drawings are about the poetry of solitude and memory. They are about the comfort and poignancy of beauty, reminiscence and longing. Searching for and creating this comfort are essential human endeavors. What we make and what we find are necessarily juxtaposed to the pain and suffering of loss. The rich morsels that we collect help us to live an existence in which answers may not be forthcoming to our most fundamental questions."

Collaborations with Tracey Honn
Collaborations with Mario Laplante
The Color Series
Concerning children bookworks by Diane Fine
Poetry bookworks by Diane Fine

By Diane Fine and Katherine Kuehn
Plattsburgh, New York: Moonkosh Press / Salient Seedling Press, 2013 (released 2016). Edition of 28.

5 x 7"; 58 pages. Digital prints and letterpress printing. Handbound in cloth over boards. Signed by the artists.

Moonkosh Press: "Diane Fine and Katherine Kuehn developed the artist book Detours over several years and many sessions of list-writing and editing. Together they compiled about one hundred phrases beginning with the words, 'If only.' They read these back and forth to each other until they had honed the list, then recorded the chosen texts by sewing them onto found remnants of clothing. These samplers were scanned and printed. Fine and Kuehn wrote lead-in phrases that were printed letterpress for each image."

The book ends with a melancholy question form Czeslaw Milosz's Capri:
"Qu'as tu fait, qu'as tu fait de ta vie? — voices call, in various languages gathered in your wanderings through two continents. What did you do with your life, what did you do?"

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The Best Fortune
Sensoji Temple, Tokyo
April 2007

By Diane Fine
Plattsburgh, New York: Moonkosh Press, 2009. Edition of 20.

3 x 3; 10 pages. Miniature accordion panel book. Hand printed photo etchings with digital text on Masa and Rives Heavyweight. Housed in 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.5" cloth covered drop-spine box with a label (an abstract black-and-gold design) tipped on and inset.

One side of the accordion alternates between simple text (the fortune) and photo etching; the other side is photo etching (which might be a close-up of textured cloth?) that is repeated with slight variation and becomes a design element.

Diane Fine: "This book is a reminiscence of a visit to a Tokyo temple where I received, apparently, the best possible fortune one could receive. Many people gathered around to take a look at it and congratulated me on this rare and wonderful occurrence (much to my surprise!) The text in the book is excerpted from that fortune—the etchings are from photographs taken during that same trip to Japan."

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By Wu Men
2000. Edition of 28.

1.5 x 3.25" with 8 pages accordion fold bound into boards. Designed and printed by Diane Fine.

If your mind is not clouded by unnecessary things this is the best season of your life. ~ Chinese poet Wu Men, thirteenth century



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Bookworks concerning children by Diane Fine

A Broth for Two Parents
By Eli Goldblatt
Plattsburgh, New York: Moonkosh Press, 2006. Edition of 32.

5.9 x 9.5" Letterpress with hand-wiped photo - etchings. Printed on handmade Alcantara. Sewn into a drop spine box.

How does one address the loss of a child? In this poem Eli Goldblatt voices that greatest grief – a child predeceasing the parent. "I wish my words carried a broth that could at least give you strength to remember him running & talking or learning to talk—his intentions just beginning to enter a language that separates things from the impulse to hold them, emotions from the light or color they conjure & inform."

Accompanied with two photo-etchings by photographer Sue Lezon.

I can't see why a child has to die
& now that I'm raising a child of my own
every child's death is a signpost to say
just how lost I'd be if my son died
or soldiers came & took him away.


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The Art of Simple Note-taking
By Diane Fine & Tracy Honn
Moonkosh Press & Ragpicker Press, 1996. Edition of 50.

8 x 4", eight pages. The reproductions of a third grader's notebook are from the Cornell Nature-Study leaflets, 1904. The leaflets were used as examples for the instruction of junior naturalists.

A child's note-taking as he/she observes a bean ("been") plant in jar growing. From the conception "I planted a been. I watered it." to "No Change" to finally "My been had some pretty little leaves."
$75 (Last 3 copies)



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Collaborative works with Diane Fine of Moonkosh Press and Tracey Honn of Ragpicker Press

Doubly Bound
By Diane Fine and Tracy Honn
1994. Edition of 70

8.5" x 6.5" Boxed set of thirteen sewn pamphlets that chronicle different aspects of Buster's Mother's life. Buster's Mother is based on a found image from a turn-of-the-century playing card. Each pamphlet is assigned a volume number and a title. The book ends with an elaborate, non-representational gouache painting that references the traditions of quilts, china painting and illuminated manuscripts. Each book in the edition of seventy contains one of these unique paintings. Baskerville and various display faces were printed letterpress on Mohawk, Magnani Pescia, and Lana Ingres. The pamphlets are houses in a cloth covered box that unfolds revealing the title page.

Doubly Bound is a collaboration between Diane Fine and Tracy Honn. It is a result of their desire to write a book about the choices and paths of women's lives. The heroine of the work, Buster's Mother, is the character used to address these ideas. Through her the complexity of our choices and expectations, the anxieties these produce, and the necessity of aesthetic expression.

Featured in the Binding section of the New York Public Library's Exhibit Ninety from the Nineties: "Diane Fine and Tracy Honn collaborated on "Buster's Mother," a story about women's choices that was inspired by a playing card."

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Collaborative Postcard Prints
By Diane Fine and Tracy Honn
Plattsburgh, New York : Moonkosh Press & Ragpicker Press, 1989 -?. Ongoing varying edition.

4 x 6"; 33 cards. Set of 32 postcards plus title card in cloth-covered clamshell box. Letterpress printed. Each card numbered and signed by the artists.

Ragpicker Press: "Tracy Honn of Ragpicker Press and Diane Fine of the Moonkosh Press have been working collaboratively since 1987. Using a variety of print media, they have published four artist books and two ongoing series of letterpress print works: a set of broadsides and a large group of postcard size prints. Fine and Honn have evolved a collaborative model that is a blended identity. Decisions are made mutually and both artists participate fully in all aspects of the work's production, from conception to editioning to distribution. Their collaborative body of work is independent of each artist's individual artistic efforts, though it is related to and, at times, informs their individual artmaking. The artists have said, 'Our work is about healing, and humor and looking at truths'."

Moonkosh Press: "Part of an ongoing series of postcards published by the Moonkosh Press, Diane Fine, Prop., and Ragpicker Press, Tracy Honn, Prop. The first cards were printed in 1989. Fine and Honn share a love of printed ephemera and joining found images with found text and vice versa."

Each set may be slightly different. Each postcard is numbered with the edition. The edition of each postcard varies thus each card is numbered with the edition delineated. $400

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The Journal of Elizabeth Jennings Wilson 1853-1867

By Joe Napora
Moonkosh Press and Ragpicker Press. 1987. Edition of 160.

6" x 7". Printed letterpress on hand-made and Ogawa paper using Palatino foundry type. Marginal ornamentations appear throughout the text with a central folio of illustrations. The soft cover long-stitch binding is sewn on a strip of velum.

Prospectus: "This book is a collaborative publication of (the) Moonkosh Press and Ragpicker Press consisting of poems based on the journal of Elizabeth Jennings Wilson, a woman who lived, worked and traveled West in the middle of the 19th century. Through her observations, from the simplicity of apple parings at the home of friends' to her fear for her brothers away at war, this poem cycle traces the growth of an American woman from girlhood to adulthood."

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Bookworks with poetry printed as well as poetic book forms by Diane Fine

Two Luso Lyrics
By Tom Braga
Plattsburgh, New York: Moonkosh Press, 1994. Edition of 52.

7.25 x 10.25" closed, extends to 28"; 12 pages. A 4-panel accordion with poems on two single signatures attached in the first and last valley fold. Poems Letterpress printed in Bodoni on Magnani Pescia, Tobi, and Kazaguruma papers. Panels two and three are a hand-printed lithograph "with a touch" of letterpress and hand-coloring. Printing/design collaboration by Diane Fine and Mario Laplante. Singed and numbered by Fine and Laplante.

Diane Fine: "The poems "Caldinho" and "Down to the Water" embody the Portuguese character of Braga's memories and meanderings."

Colophon (printed on interior back wrap): "It was a joy to elaborate and illuminate Tom Braga's luscious poems. This project was printed while the three of us were colleagues at the State University of New York Plattsburgh in the Spring of 1994."

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POOL Sonnets
By Dan Giancola
with Lithographs by Diane Fine
Plattsburgh, New York / Albuquerque, New Mexico: Moonkosh Press / Salient Seedling Press, 1993. Edition of 60.

6 x 10.5"; 12 pages including pastedowns. Accordion structure. Letterpress printed text. Handprinted lithographs. Paper-covered boards. Signed by the poet.

A cycle of seven poems by Dan Giancola, Professor of English at Suffolk County Community College's Riverhead Campus.

Diane Fine: " Pool Sonnets was one of those projects that Kathy Kuehn (Salient Seedling Press), Walter Tisdale (Tatlin Books) and I were very enthusiastic about but then various moves and upheavals brought our work on it to a stand still. We are all thrilled to have resurrected it. It illuminates a cycle of seven poems written by poet Dan Giancola. At the time Dan was living in the Hamptons and supported his poetry habit by cleaning the pools of the 'rich and famous.'"


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By Keith Duquette
Plattsburgh, New York: Moonkosh Press, 1986. Edition of 65.

6.1 x 6.8", 18 leaves; 7 pocket pages, 5 x 4.4"; 7 lithographed image sheets, 4.9 x 4.5". Each list printed in handset Bembo on Shadwell and Usumino papers, which has been folded to form a pocket; a lithographed sheet has been inserted in each pocket. Written and collected by Keith Duquette. Lithographs by Mario Laplante. Hand-set and printed by Diane Fine. Cover stock by Diane Fine and Kathy Kuehn.

A prose poem with puzzling associations in a production so elegant and well-crafted that logical relationships don't seem to matter — maybe the point?
$175 (Last Copy)

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Diane Fine has started a series of books based on colors

By Diane Fine
Plattsburgh, New York: Moonkosh Press, 2010. Edition of 20.

5.25 x 9 x 1"; 8 pages. Letterpress printed. Intaglio and relief prints. Accordion structure bound in at pastedowns. Bound in green cloth with inset image of bamboo on front board. Housed in a gray cloth-covered clam shell box.

This is the second book in Fine's series called Color. The text is a Yiddish.

proverb: "With money in your pocket, you are wise and you are handsome and you sing well too." (A ten dollar bill is bound in the book.)


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By Diane Fine
Plattsburgh, New York: Moonkosh Press, 2008. Edition of 18.

4 x 6 x 1"; 10 pages. Letterpress and lithography. Accordion structure bound in at pastedowns. Housed in a cloth covered drop-spine box.

Each page is a shade of red associated a general noun, both tangibles — rubies, roses, pomegranates, plums, blood – to intangibles — rage, life, love.

Colophon: "Red is the first book in a series called Colors. The Red Queen's exclamation is from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass."
$200 (Five copies remaining)

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Collaborations with Mario Laplante

By Diane Fine and Mario Laplante
San Francisco / Plattsburgh, New York : Moonkosh and Gravel Press, 2009. Edition of 25.

6.5 x 13.5 x 2.5"; 20 panels. Accordion structure. Text and images on one side of accordion; floral pattern on reverse side. Combination of Bodoni letterpress and digital printing with an Epson Stylus Photo 9800. Masa and Thai screen-printed papers. Laid in a clamshell box.

A collaboration of Diane Fine, Professor at State University of New York in Plattsburgh, and Mario Laplante, Professor at San Francisco State University.

Diane Fine: "A piece that grew out of our time in Japan in 2007."

Colophon: "In a Kyoto cemetery, mourners leave signs of their visit and nature embellishes those signs. … The body of the text was taken from various translations of the Mahayana Buddhist Heart Sutra."

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By Mario Laplante and Diane Fine.
Gravel Press: 2002. Edition of 23.

10.25 x 8”, landscape; 40 pages. Letterpress from Bodoni and an "unidentified" Gothic face on Lana Gravure paper. Photographic images are photo-etchings from polymer plates. Bound in black bookcloth over boards with matching slipcase, both decorated with symbolic images of sea and salt.

A photographic record accompanied by brief textual reveries of "a few boundless days" on the Northern California coast. Fine and Laplante, who have collaborated on earlier bookworks, set up camp on a beach just south of the Oregon border. They took what was offered—a spray of seagrass, a clifftop structure, a cemetery, the sea. They made marks in the landscape—a footprint, stone sculptures, collections of crab claws—and the sea erased them. They took photographs of everything and developed lingering impressions. They captured the rugged, foggy coastline in grey-toned and slightly blurred black-and-white images that suggest the cool misty environs. Photographic spreads are interspersed with etched images, which suggest the movement and color of the sea, and are printed from intaglio wiped plates in teal ink. Textual observations are spare, like haiku, capturing the rhythmic, insulated quiet of a seascape: "Unconsoled, the music of the wind and tide lulls us to sleep. Consoled, the music invites us to wake." Serene and elegant.


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Untitled Book About Stairs
By Diane Fine and Mario Laplante
Madison, Wisconsin: Moonkosh Press, 1988. Edition of 38.

12.75 x 9.25" single sheet folded to 6 x 6 x 8.5" triangle. Letterpress and lithography. Housed in a triangular paper case bearing a hand-painted decoration and printed colophon.

This single sheet collaboration between Diane Fine and Mario Laplante unfolds from a triangle. One side of the sheet is an austere network of hand-tinted lithographs with step-like architectural structures suggesting, perhaps, pyramids. The lushly printed interior is more fluid but contains a letterpress printed poem in a rectangular format. The words proceed from sacred buildings (St. Peter's …) to concentration camps (Auschwitz …) to colors (Freesia …) to the Marx Brothers (Groucho ...) and end with Hallelujah. The unfolding and refolding is as mysterious and yet fixed as the text.
$125 (Last 3 copies)

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Out of Print/SOLD titles by Moonkosh Press:

On Being Read
By Craig J. Saper
Plattsburgh, New York : Moonkosh Press, 1985. Edition of 125.

4 x 4"; 12 pages. Handprinted and stamped by Diane Fine. Printed in 12 point Gill Sans on Chinese Red paper. Wraparound wrappers with thread and bracket closure.

A witty and wise meditation on being red and/or read (past tense).

Colophon: "Red is the favorite color of the publisher. … On Being Read serves both as a … response to William Gass' On Being Blue, and as an introduction to the politics of the particular."

Craig Saper is a Professor in the Language, Literacy, and Culture Doctoral Program at UMBC in Baltimore, Maryland.

Diane Fine is the proprietor of Moonkosh Press and a Distinguished Teaching Professor at the State University of New York Plattsburgh.

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Set of Six Broadsides
By Diane Fine and Tracy Honn
Plattsburgh, New York: Moonkosh Press, Various dates in the 1990s. Edition size varied from 15 to 19. (Edition size and date of publication indicated on the back of each broadside.)

9 x 15"; 6 single sheets. Letterpress printed. Each numbered. Signed by Fine and Honn.

An ongoing series of print/broadsides begun in the early 1990s produced collaboratively by Diane Fine and Tracy Honn.

This set of six broadsides includes Slovak Proverb, Pilgrim, Brownsville Girl, Sleeping Beauty, Drowning Man, and Beauty.

  • Slovak Proverb: "Words are spoken, Bread you eat." (only one available)
  • Beauty: quotation from Jorge Luis Borges
  • Drowning Man: text by Joseph Conrad
  • Sleeping Beauty: text is an excerpt from a poem by Maxine Kumin
  • Pilgrim: text from Annie Dillard's Pilgrim at Tinker Creek
  • Brownsville Girl: text from the song by Bob Dylan and Sam Shepard

Tracey Honn Tracy is a master printer and currently serves as printer in residence at Hamilton Wood Type. She is director of Silver Buckle Press, a working museum of letterpress printing.

Diane Fine is a Distinguished Teaching Professor on the Art Faculty of SUNY Plattsburgh. She is also the proprietor of Moonkosh Press.

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