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Remember Me Saint Catherine
By Erin Maurelli
Iowa City, Iowa: Erin Maurelli, 2007. Edition of 25.

8 x 7"; 20 pages. Handprinted by the artist from metal type, polymer plates, and found objects onto Sakamoto paper. Handmade cotton / abaca blend cover paper by the artist. Type faces: Perpetua, Bembo, and Spectrum.

In this bookwork Maurelli explores her experience as a nursing mother coming to terms with being a milking machine. As she loses sight of her identity, she calls on Saint Catherine [of Alexandria], the patron saint of nursing mothers and scholars.

Erin Maurelli: "Using the phenomenon of lactation as an example of human mechanism, I explore the dichotomy held within the female breast; seeing past the seductive curve of the flesh to expose its inner workings. Applying the cool and calculated terms of science and industry to the body changes it from living being to specimen and the breast from sexually enticing to the sum of its function. Literal representations of machines signify bodily changes in preparation for mass assembly of milk. Antiquated technology conveys a feeling of weightiness; heavy labor, discomfort, and awkwardness associated with nursing. This variation on breast feeding exemplifies the inner dispute most new mothers experience as they come to terms with their role as sole milk producer."

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