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Thomas Ingalls: "My vision for Missing Links Press is to orchestrate the interplay of words, images, design, craft, and magic into beautiful objects. All the elements will be present for the eye to witness, the senses to perceive."

minus / my-ness
By Jane Hirshfield
San Francisco: Missing Links Press, 2014. Edition of 150.

5.15 x 9.5"; 32 pages. Wrap-around cover in Gmund Gentleman Blue 111# Cover paper. Letterpress printed in 3 colors for the interior and 2 colors for the cover by Dependable Letterpress, San Francisco. Text paper is Crane's Lettra Unwatermarked 80# text. Hand bound in a unique wrap binding, scored and hand sewn by John Demerritt Bookbinding in Emeryville, California. Design & typography by Kseniya Makarova and Thomas Ingalls of Ingalls Design, San Francisco. Signed by the poet. Numbered.

Missing Links Press: "A selection of poems, each of whose titles begins with the word 'my,' conducting between them what author Jane Hirshfield has called 'a distinct conversation and meditation on the self, its doings and undoings, its sweetness and grief.' The accompanying images are apt extensions of that conversation: atomic tracings taken from bubble chamber experiments in physics, they point toward and are drawn by the world of no-self. In the pages of minus/my-ness, the material of the outer world collaborates with the shifting, questioning perspective of inner life in unexpected and multiple ways, as explored by the hand of one of the master, quietly Zen-influenced, poets of our time."

Author's Note: "This chapbook's title bows toward that of a poem I've long loved by Czeslaw Milosz. Over breakfast in a cafeteria, the poet overhears women talking of 'my parents,' 'my husband,' 'my brother,' 'my sister.' The poem ends with his 'delight in being here on earth/ For one more moment, with them, here on earth, / To celebrate our tiny, tiny my-ness.' This book's title is also 'Minus,' a bow toward the way of our loves, our most intimate moorings and dearest familiars, finally even our selves , will eventually subtract themselves entirely from the equation of being."

Some of the poems have been previously published or been published with different titles.

Colophon: "The images in this chapbook record the traces of electrically charged particles as they move through a superheated liquid. They have been adapted for letterpress printing from their original source in bubble chamber experiment photographs."

poetryfoundation.org: "Award-winning poet, essayist, and translator Jane Hirshfield is the author of several collections of verse, including Come, Thief (2011), After (2006), shortlisted for the T.S. Eliot prize, and Given Sugar, Given Salt (2001), a finalist for the National Book Critics Award, among others."

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