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Louise Levergneux: "[My] work incorporates digital photography as a device that expresses [my] interest in the concepts of memory and identity. Individual references are characteristic of the work, which centers on the act of collecting, storing and disseminating personal information. [My] work continues to store and collect for the viewer [my] memories, [my] self-identity, and [my] environment. References to memory, history, and personal recollection are characteristic of [my] work.
By Louise Levergneux
South Jordan, Utah: Louise Levergneux, 2013. Edition of 8.

6.75 x 18"; 48 unnumbered double sheets. Printed digitally on Inkpress and Aspen papers. Back board bound in black Iris cloth over board. French door style binding with metal spiral spines. Bilingual text – French and English. Laid in black paper four-flap wrapper with Velcro closure. Signed and numbered.

Artist Project statement: "Ambivalence is a photographic documentation of Ohio cemeteries. Levergneux takes us on a tour, which at first glance is a familiar one …. On closer inspection, however, the scenes presented are quite out of the ordinary … the tombstones, votive candles, and religious statuary memorialize departed beloved pets, not friends and relatives.

"First, the artist was inspired while visiting pet cemeteries in Ohio. Second, intellectually, we don't believe that animals possess an immortal soul, but emotionally, those creatures that offer us unconditional love necessitate remembrance in the form of this extended communal ritual. The disconnect, or ambivalence, between the mind and the heart is at the core of this collection of photographic essays."


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By Louise Levergneux
South Jordan, Utah: Louise Levergneux, 2011. Edition of 18.

11.5 x 4" closed, opens to 20"; 14 pages. Flag structure with accordion folded spine. Digitally printed on an Epson Stylus Photo 2200. Created in Photoshop with Helvetica Neue and Zapfino fonts. Printed on Entrada rag paper. Text in English and French. Bound in Inkpress Duo Matt paper. Titles printed on the cover.

Louise Levergneux: "Faux-Pas is a photographic documentation prompted by my curiosity while living in the USA. This study investigates the use of the American flag as an act of patriotism. As a Canadian living an extended séjour in Ohio and in Utah, the pattern and colors of the American flag became visually intoxicating.

"I carried out research on the United States Code relating to the use of the flag. I came to realize that our friends south of the border have put considerable thought into the flag's reverent treatment. The laws relating to the flag outline rules, customs and etiquette pertaining to the respectful use of the Stars and Stripes. The obvious expressions of patriotism featured in this book struck me as clear violations of the United States Code pertaining to the flag. My observations of the symbol that touches the core identity of Americans are portrayed in my project.

"[The project] helped me to see the differences between the Canadian and the American flag rules and regulations. How we see ourselves as patriotic.

"The flag book approach seemed ideal to represent the flag aloft and free no matter what form it has taken as the photos portray."


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By Louise Levergneux
Canada: Louise Levergneux, 2008. Edition of 18.

5.25 x 4"; 24 pages. Designed in Photoshop. Fonts: Arial, Edwardian Script, and Blair. Images printed on Aspen Matte paper by an Epson Stylus Photo 2200 printer. Saddle stitch bound. Cover printed on Royal Jazz paper 190 gsm with title and scanned image of the official Government of Canada emblem. Some text in French. In a lightweight cream paper case with velcro closure, title and emblem printed on front.

Louise Levergneux: "This was a project I created in response to being subjected to an interrogation while crossing the border from Canada into the United States. The passport, an identity document, represents a country based upon inherent freedoms. Regretfully, even with an ally country, our identity does not automatically convey freedom from one country to the other.

"The layout for 26NOV2006 was created to resemble an authentic passport. The reader is encouraged by the familiarity of a passport to look inside. The reader begins to browse the 'official document' but encounters the text and images, which convey the frustration of the interrogation and the comical/serious side of the whole situation."

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Louise Levergneux Out of Print Title:  

Desert Swatches
By Louise Levergneux
South Jordan, Utah: Louise Levergneux, 2012. One-of-a-Kind.

6.125 x 7.5"; 46 pages. Endpapers and spine tab printed on Inkpress Matte paper. Oriental binding with brown book cloth over boards. Signed by the artist.

Louise Levergneux: "Desert Swatches is a survey of Utah’s colourscape. The book makes it possible to explore a palette of colours from a desert region so different from other parts of the country."


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Outside of the Studio Series
By Louise Levergneux
South Jordan, Utah: Louise Levergneux, 2012.
Edition size varies by book.

Size and number of pages varies by book. Printed digitally on Inkpress paper with an Epson Stylus Photo 2200 and Epson Stylus Photo R3000. Screw post binding with black cloth covered mat board. Laid in white Strathmore paper lidded box with ribbon lift. Image tipped on lid.

Colophon text bilingual (French/English). Printed with Garamond Premier and Stone Sans fonts. Signed and numbered.

Louise Levergneux: "Outside of the Studio is a photographic documentation and a study in movement and time featuring the four basic elements: Fire, Air, Earth and Water. This flip book project was created throughout the year 2012 and published in a weekly edition.

"The idea came from the artist's fascination with 'thumb theatre' books and the curiosity of using different softwares to create them.

"The idea of using time-collapse photography in a flip book format seemed like lots of fun. The flip book genre is enjoyable probably because the interaction reveals something the static book does not.

"So, starting with a short video of every day scenes representing the elements, the artist then imported the video into iMovie, then played with the speed and the duration till the video was able to be imported in layers in Photoshop. Once in Photoshop the layers, when needed were cropped and edited then placed in a Photoshop template file for printing. All the flip books went through the same process.

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(SOLD)   Air.10         6 x 2.25"; 70 pages. Images of wheat blowing in the wind.
(SOLD)   Earth.16    6 x 2.25"; 72 pages. Images of a bee buzzing around a flower blossom.
(SOLD)   H2O.11      4.5 x 4";   70 pages. Images of the tide ebbing and flowing on the beach.

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