Evelyn La Rosa ~ California

By Evelyn La Rosa
San Diego, California: Bay Park Press, 2013. Edition of 8.

10 x 20"; 22 pages. Eight color reduction woodcuts printed on Arches Cover paper. Title page and paste downs are colored linocuts. In addition, on the back of each reduction woodcut page are color linocuts printed over a hand-rolled solid color. Printed on a Vandercook Universal I. Set in Bernhard Modern Roman type. Bound in cloth boards with stab binding. Signed by the artist.

This is an enthusiast's personal tribute to a city she loves. The snippets of text hint at its history, the woodcuts convey the richness of its life.

Evelyn La Rosa, Introduction: "I love Palermo and I resonate with its history and the many generations of people who have lived there. ... I made these … woodcuts as a tribute to this great city and have tried to include examples of the rich variety of Palermo and its ancient multilayered past. Palermo is also a vibrant modern city where old market places, monuments and churches are fused with a thriving university and medical school, opera house, and port. Life and culture here is alive and changing as always."

Evelyn La Rosa, Colophon: "Thanks to my husband Frank for sharing with me his love for Palermo and Sicilian culture and for going with me to explore the city so many times. His guidance through the maze of Palermo brought a richness and understanding that inspired me to make this book."

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Koishikawa Korakuen Garden
By Evelyn La Rosa
San Diego, California: Evelyn La Rosa, 2011. Edition of 8.

11.25 x 9"; 32 pages. Printed on Vandercook Universal I Press at Bay Park Press. Ten original color reduction woodblock prints (plus title page). Text set in Bernhard Modern Roman and Palatino type. Printed on Arches Cover cream paper. Japanese stab binding with cloth covered boards.

This book is the artist's impression of the beautiful inner city Tokyo Garden.

Evelyn La Rosa: "My indelible experience of Japanese art and culture began as we were staying at the Hotel Niwa in Tokyo. It is especially significant that the very name of the hotel, Niwa, means garden in Japanese. The Koishikawa Korakuen Garden is a short walk from the hotel.

"It was a pleasant enriching experience to walk through this very quiet elegant garden in the midst of the ever active city of Tokyo. The garden certainly spoke to me. One of my first thoughts was that I would much rather have been the caretaker of the garden than the feudal lord who built the garden and estate. I was surprised to learn that Korakuen means 'to enjoy later,' meaning that while one is in power there is not enough time to enjoy being in the garden.

"When we returned to our home in San Diego I could not stop thinking of the deep beauty and peace of the Koishikawa Korakuen Garden. I started to make a few woodcuts based on photos and drawings I had made in Japan. The idea of the book grew from those first prints.

"The terrible earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, reminded me of the fragile and elusive nature of life and beauty. It is truly wonderful that a place such as Korakuen has survived over eight hundred years and must have brought and continues to bring solace to countless people."


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