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Sarah McDermott: "My work centers on issues of power, exploring relations/dominations between people, between people and animals, between people and their environments. Visually, I often use decoration to represent the human reliance on material culture to assert or define space; this is reflected in my emphasis on pattern, and in an orientation toward the ornate. I make drawings and prints both in and out of books. I start with the raw materials: fiber becomes paper, receives print, becomes book."

Problems of Scale
By Joanna Ruocco
New York: Kidney Press, 2011. Edition of 22.

5 x 8.75"; 68 pages. Letterpress printed with metal type and polymer plates. Printed on Hahnemühle Bugra, Charthan vellum, and handmade abaca paper. Typefaces: Lightline Gothic and Spartan Black. Bound in paper boards with modified hard cover long stitch binding. Printed title on cover. In paper board slipcase. Images and design by the Kidney Press.

Kidney Press: "A diagrammatic exploration of the syntax of a text as seen through multiple lenses of human interaction."

Your love is a tilt-a-whirl. My love is the circular beltway Of a particle accelerator. That's not the beginning.

Not only a delicate look how relationships aren't easily explained, but an elegant exploration of how page turns, color, image, papers, typography, and undoubtedly much more influence and enrich a text.

Joanna Ruocco lives in Denver and co-edits the magazine Birkensnake.

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Compendium of Domestic Incidents
By Joanna Ruocco
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: The Kidney Press, 2009. Edition of 35.

4.5 x 7 x 1"; 102 pages. Handmade paper of cotton rag and Alabama banana stems, minus one folio of machine-made kozo. Typefaces: Perpetua (text) Century Schoolbook (titles), Bickham Script Pro and Century Gothic (headings), printed with polymer plates on a Vandercook press. Letterpress printed and silkscreened. Exposed spine binding, sewn on tapes, housed in a slipcase.

Disturbing, and charged - experimental fiction finds its match in a luscious artists' book.

Sarah McDermott, thesis excerpt: "I knew for my thesis that I wanted to do a project that involved experimental fiction. I am interested in the intersection between the book arts and writing communities, and I gravitate to work that is more experimental in nature. I am lucky to have multiple friends that are wonderful writers. Ultimately I decided to work with Joanna Ruocco, a writer working on her PhD in creative writing at the University of Denver. We have found in recent years that there is an affinity between her words and my pictures and we have collaborated on several projects; I designed the covers and structures for two editions of her literary magazine Birkensnake, and did the cover illustrations for her first trade paperback, The Mothering Coven.

"Joanna offered me several texts to choose from. They were all in the format of prose poems- small, interconnected semi-narrative pieces. The most complete work was entitled Compendium of Domestic Incidents, a group of pieces centered on domestic spaces. The pieces involve the quotidian, the erotic, the sometimes violent interactions that occur during the course of everyday activities, including food preparing, eating, doctoring, and living. This was the work that I chose to use.

"I wanted to come up with a set of drawings that captured the feeling of the pieces and that also worked together to create a style for a book object. From the start I envisioned drawings of interconnected body parts, of people grappling, the drawings straddling a line between erotic and violent. These line drawings would be accompanied by screenprinted solid patterns. I wanted to create a structure within the book that these drawings could exist within: the text would reside in the graphic structure of the book like the way the characters resided in the domestic spaces of the text. ..."
$310 (Last 4 copies)

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Dodge County Summer
By Sarah McDermott
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: The Kidney Press, 2009. Edition of 30.

5.125 x 5.125"; 54 pages. Fold-out sections allow for movement in two directions. Letterpress printed on a Vandercook 4 with linoleum reductions and polymer type and drawings, with handmade interior papers (cotton rag, abaca, mystery pulp balls, and hemp). Type is Stone Sans 12 pt printed by photopolymer. Bound paper over boards with cloth spine.

Sarah McDermott: "Many summers of my childhood were spent at my family's farm in Wisconsin. This book looks at the way I constructed a narrative of our family on that piece of land, and how I came to understand as an adult that most of that narrative was not really true."

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By Sarah McDermott
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: The Kidney Press, 2008. Edition of 30.

5 x 8"; 36 pages. Pen-and-ink drawings converted to polymer plates. Printed letterpress on a Vandercook 3 proofing press. Type is Seria and Franklin Gothic Condensed, digitally rendered. Paper is handmade of cotton rag, flax, and abaca. Bound in codex structure with Canapetta cloth-covered spine and paste paper covers.

Sarah McDermott: "In 2006, I lived for a year in Montevideo, Uruguay. This book is an attempt to understand that time, to mesh the political with personal experience, and to experiment with the form of a travelogue."

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By Sarah McDermott
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: The Kidney Press, 2008. Edition of 30.

5.25 x 7"; 8 pages. Silkscreen, polymer plates/intaglio, and Futura and Spectrum Roman metal type printed on Vandercook No. 3 Proof Press. Bound in Hedi Kyle's non-adhesive accordion structure with paste paper covers and a removable spine.

Colophon: "The quote is roughly from Life and Times of Michael K by JM Coetzee."

Sarah McDermott: "An extended print, musing on climate change."

Book is bound with a non-adhesive accordion structure that has removable covers as well as a removable spine to allow reading by turning pages or viewing as a long print.

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