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Soul Books by Judith Serebrin  

Bedspread Dog
By Judith Serebrin
Redwood City, California: Judith of Serebrin Books & Prints, 2004.
Edition of 20.

6.5 x 5 x .25"; pages. Twenty-eight wood-cuts in a Japanese stab binding. Printed on Velin Arches. Text printed in Bookman and Book Antiqua type. Title and colophon pages laser printed on Strathmore Writing recycled paper. Covers on Fabriano, Tiziano, moss green paper. Written, illustrated, printed and bound by Judith Serebrin.

Judith Serebrin: “This book is dedicated to a new breed of dog. It is a dog with an infinite variety of temperaments and characteristics. Usually languid, sprawling, with coats of many colors; all sizes, all hair lengths, eyes usually closed, but will easily start up to bark at any sudden suspicious noises and goings on."


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Soul Books Series

Judith Serebrin: "People often think that their stories are not important, or they may not feel safe enough to tell them. Most of us can't listen well enough to hear each other's stories, let alone those of other creatures. I do think it is possible to though—on both counts. What is inside all of us is exciting, rich, complicated and important.

"These objects are a tactile and symbolic way of reaching into someone's soul without embarrassment, censorship, fear; whatever it is that keeps us from really knowing each other. With these Soul Books you get to look, see, and touch what's inside.

"Good things happen when we really get to tell our stories, when someone is really listening and wanting to hear. You learn all kinds of things; the world is a much richer place; healing happens; you get to connect in a unique and honest way; and most importantly, you care.

"You cannot make another person/animal an enemy when you know them, when you can really see them.

"I've never questioned the fact that animals have souls. I can see them. It is sometimes hard for me to see them in humans—grown up ones. But I think that you can see their souls in their stories, if they get to tell them. I love hearing peoples stories; and everybody has a story to tell. "
Soul Book: "?"
By Judith Serebrin
Redwood City, California: Judith of Serebrin Books & Prints, 2004. One-of-a-Kind.

4 x 5.75 x 2.75" ceramic sculpture. Two miniature books: each 2.625 x 1.25"; 74 and 70 pages. Materials: porcelain, pastepapers, and thread.

This box like sculpture has two heads erupting from the top. Each "soul" has a wordless miniature book tucked into the sculpture. The miniature books are mixed media on paper with an exposed link and kettle stitch binding.

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Judith of Serebrin Out of Print Title:
• Jewish / Palestinian Female

Soul Book: “Go Ahead, Call Me Naive”
By Judith Serebrin
Redwood City, California: Judith of Serebrin Books & Prints, 2003.

7.5 x 2.25 x 2" sculpture with miniature book (1 x 2.5"; 88 pages). Materials: porcelain (interior glazed), paper, ink, watercolor, thread.

Another in Serebrin's ongoing series of ceramic sculptures that embody the value and importance of the soul. Here, a tall figure, head cocked, with a coil of sad worn words around its neck, houses a brightly colored, wordless book.


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