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Indulgence Press: “The mission of Indulgence Press is to integrate form and content through the production of high quality art and craft while exploring and expanding on the history of the book.”
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Bartleby the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street
By Herman Melville
1995. Edition of 126.

12 x 6", 56 pages. A kallitype print and hand lettering by Suzanne Moore. Edition consists of 26 deluxe copies and 100 standard. This is a standard copy bound in a sew-boards binding under the instruction of Daniel Kelm at the Wide Awake Garage in Easthampton, Massachusetts.

This book, the first letterpress edition by Indulgence Press, began as an MFA thesis project at The University of the Arts. Chip Schilling cast the Bulmer type using a monotype keyboard and casting machine with the assistance of Kent Kasuboske at Clearing Press in Philadelphia. Suzanne Moore created the original lettering in the period style of a 19th century legal script that was then printed from photopolymer plates. The frontispiece photograph is a kallitype print by Chip Schilling, exposed on Kitakata paper. The end papers were handmade by MacGregor & Vinzani in Whiting, Maine. Chip Schilling printed the deluxe edition on handmade Blue Grey Ledger paper, also by MacGregor & Vinzani. The standard edition was printed on Arches MBM mould-made paper. The books were printed by Chip Schilling from January to March 1995 at Janus Press in West Burke, Vermont.

Melville’s enigmatic story is well served by the restrained elegance of Moore’s lettering and the upfront precision of Shilling’s presswork.

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