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Jacques Fournier (from "Abstract: The Artist’s Book as Team Work"):
"The history of the Artist’s Book shows it as a very open form of creation allowing many visual and aesthetics experiences. The components of the book form when challenged and rethought by artists have become a unique form of creation.

Éditions Roselin, founded 13 years ago, proposes a site of collaboration between artist, author and book designer. As a bookbinder, I invite visual artists and writers to collaborate with me in the production of artist’s books that help rethink the rapport between text and image in relation to the format that houses them and the role of its audience. I am concerned with the concept and the plan of the book as the proper locus to allow words and images to take their full development while approached and manipulated by the reader/viewer.

The collaborative contribution of the books produced this way allows for a reconsideration of the materials used, of the place and role of its various components and invites all participants — and implicitly the viewer/reader — as a contributor in the process of the creation of the book, while the process of the production and the rituals associated with making sense(s) of the book take place."

Reflections of a Face
By Eric Ormsby
Montréal, Canada: Èditions Roselin, 2011. Edition of 12.

21.5 x 9.25 x 1.75"; 6 pages. Materials: transparent paper, wood, metal. Text in French and English. Translated by Colette Tougas. Housed in linen-covered clamshell box. Bookbinding by Jacques Fournier.

This is a collaboration between a photographer, a writer, and a designer – the images of Sylvia Safdie, the words of Eric Ormsby, and a structure designed by Jacques Fournier.

Eric Ormsby, text excerpt: "The powerful photographs are seizing an interior gaze, a face that radiates light and fuse with it. The poems feature the essence of humanity and an intense spiritual life. The structure of the book amplifies the penetrating radiant character of this individual.

"Maybe this is the face we are all looking for, the face we had before the world was made."

About the poet: Eric Ormsby, born in Atlanta in 1941, is a poet (6 collections), essayist (two books on poetry and translation), translator (of medieval Islamic philosophy), and teacher (20 years at McGill University).

About the photographer: Sylvia Safdie, born in Lebanon in 1942, lived in Israel before relocating to Canada in 1953. She works mainly in drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and video."


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Èditions Roselin SOLD and/or Out of print Titles:
• Le 6 Avril 1944

Ce Fleuve D'eau Et De Vent
poème pour violon seul
text and artwork by Michel Côté
music and graphic score by Helmut Lipsky
Montreal: Éditions Roselin, 2001. Edition of 40.

6.75 x 5.75 x1"; 10 leaves. Accordion structure of BFK Rives paper. Text in French. CD of Lipsky's composition slipped into pocket on back board of main enclosure. The accordion (with poem and graphic score) laid in paper wrapper with image on front, which is then laid in black cloth-covered boards with title blind embossed on front board.

Poet-visual artist Michel Côté and violinist-composer collaborate to evoke and honor the port of Montreal. Both the poem ["This River of Water and Wind" would be its English translation] and a CD of the music are included in this Éditions Roselin production.

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De Ma Nuit Naît Ton Jour
By Aline Apostolska
Montreal: Éditions Roselin, 2001. Edition of 21.

9.75 x 5.5 x 2.25" wooden block with two insets. Text and image encased in clear plastic. Materials: Japanese Gampi paper, wild cherry wood. Handpainted. Laid in black cloth boards. Titles and other information blind embossed on black cloth. Text in French.

Collaboration with Aline Apostolska and Bernard Gast. Apostolska is a French journalist and writer living in Montreal; Bernard Gast is an artist working in plastic, living in Paris.

  De Ma Nuit Naît Ton Jour / From my night your day is born.

The structure gives dramatic emphasis to the poem. Apostolska's poem is in the frame's left window, Gast's image in the right. On opening the artwork, the frame lies against a black background; one can read the poem, but the image is too dark to see. Once the frame is set upright, the image is born.

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L'Enfant Mauve
By Denise Desautels
Montreal: Éditions Roselin, 2004. Edition of 36.

6 x 6" closed, 18 x 6" open; 3 leaves. Tri-fold, in which two etchings with embossing anchor a poem (in the original French). On Arches paper. Bound in black cloth.

Denise Desautels is a Canadian poet living in Montreal. This poem first published in this edition. Etching by Jacqueline Ricard, a Parisian artist and engraver. Book design by Jacques Fournier. Published with the collaboration of Éditions la Cour pavée, Paris Desautels' haunting poem is bookended by Gash's prints. The purple color of the prints and the printing on the gray-striped paper is ethereal. The total effect both suffocating and freeing,

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Le Miroir De Bachelard
By Michel Côté
Montreal: Éditions Roselin, 2004. Edition of 30.

8.25 x 7.875 x 1.25"; 29 leaves. Eusebius 14 typeface. Printed on Johannot paper. Bound in black leather with exposed spine binding through a perforated thin slab of wood (for support). Calligraphy and musical poems with photographs.

Five black and white images by Jacqueline Salmon accompany five poems by Michel Côté. Binding and design by Jacques Fournier. Michel Côté, poet and visual artist. Jacqueline Salmon is a photographer living in Paris.

The words of French philosopher and poetics theorist Gaston Bachelard tie together this group of elegant poems and photographs: L'art a besoin de s'instruire sur des reflects, la musique a besoin de s'instruire sur des échoes.

         C'est en imitant qu'on invente.
         On croit suivre le réel et on le traduit humainement.


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PAYSAGES INTÉRIEURS (Interior Landscapes)
By Michel Côté, Frank Lalou, Morikuni Sasaki, Taouffik Semmad
Montreal: Éditions Roselin, 1997. Edition of 50.

8.25 x 12". Laid in letterfold paper case with titles blind embossed. Paper BFK Rives. Book design by Jacques Fournier from an original idea of Celine de Guise in collaboration with the artists. The calligraphy renderings were created specifically for this edition. The text proposed by each artist was reproduced by Jacques Frigon. Each illustration is signed.

Four Québécois calligraphic artists offer a soupcon of their magic. Using French, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, and (probably) private letter forms, four cards (like 6 x 3.5”greeting cards) are held in a tablet-like frame. The front of each card is visual and more abstract; opened, the cards reveal short texts or text-like offerings.

Analysis, as usual, destroys the simple beauty and power of the work: the combination of line, language, text, and abstract form in such a structure elevates and isolates the mystery.


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