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Curry Book Arts: "Rachel Curry is a bookbinder, letterpress printer, and art instructor from Los Angeles, California. She learned about book arts and letterpress printing through her experiences at the School of Visual Arts, Purgatory Pie Press, The Center for Book Arts, and The Church of Type as well as independent exploration in the field. Her work is always made by hand and is often inspired by resources, and environment."

Type & Faces
By Rachel Curry
Los Angeles, California: Curry Book Arts, 2016. Edition of 60.

2.25” X 2.25” closed, 2.25”X 68” extended; 32 pages. Double-sided miniature accordion structure. Letterpress printed with handset antique wood and metal type, ornaments, and vintage photo plates. Variable covers made from make-ready prints. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Curry Book Arts: "While working at The Church of Type, Rachel was inspired by the materials in the delightfully cluttered letterpress shop in Santa Monica, California, that is filled to the brim with antique type, wood-cuts, photo plates, vintage plastic toys, piles of CDs, and stacks upon stacks of custom printed letterpress posters.

"Type & Faces functions as a type specimen, and alphabet book, a slinky-like sculpture and a gallery of photo portraits of unknown origins (likely politicians from Tennessee). The book consists of two sections: Section one is 'Type' in which the front side of the accordion is the complete alphabet of Gothic Tuscan Condensed, an antique wood type from the collection. Section two, 'Faces', is printed on the back side of the accordion and displays vintage photo plates."

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