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My Brain Uses Numbers for...
By Guylaine Couture
Montreal, Canada: Guylaine Couture, 2009. Edition of 4.

4 x 11.5"; 30 pages. Laser and letterpress printed. Collage. Laid kraft paper and corrugated cardboard. Designed in Bodoni, Fudoni, Instantner, Nebulaie, Helvetica, and Rondo fonts. Metal ring binding. Cardboard boards.

Guylaine Couture: "This is a book which relates to the many ways numbers are utilized in our day to day lives. Each number has a significant meaning and can relate to various issues. It could relate to an amount of money; to the value of our assets; to various time periods, distances or sizes. Our brain constantly uses numbers which benefit us in our daily lives."

Guylaine Couture, blog: "I worked [on] a book for the exhibition 'Quantified Aesthetics' of the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts. The theme was to work with numbers, organization, and so on. After some thinking, I wanted to make a connection between my brain and [using] numbers. The second personal goal ... was to be able to make multiple copies. ... The layout has been made with the computer from scanning my drawings, spots, and [shapes I liked]."

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paper wrestling / paper specimens
By Claire Beynon
Montreal, Canada: Guylaine Couture, 2011. Edition of 20.

7 x 6.75"; 20 pages. Dos-à-dos structure. Text set in Angkoon, Din, and Helvetica. Printed on various papers and with various techniques. Handsewn binding constructed by folding one sheet of stiff paper into quarters. It is then cut in the middle of one half to form a center in which the complete 'paper wrestling' poem is folded and sewn to the binding.

Guylaine Couture: "Within the Book Art Object 3 project in Australia and using Claire Beynon's poetry, this work reveals paper's tactile and emotional beauty. I added a 'paper specimens' section, highlighting paper's tangible pleasures. I used different types of printing and papers – offset test pages from my printer, brown paper, [an] old envelope. I print[ed] also with letterpress, laser print, rubber base ink, etc "

paper specimens has two pages with six examples of paper use including stamps, wrapping, and maps.

paper wrestling has five leaves of various commercial papers. Beynon's poem of the same title is printed in various type specimens across the pages.

Guylaine Couture, blog entry: "This is my contribution to the collective 'book art object.' A group of Australian book artists. Twenty to work on the project this year. In fact, 9 people work [with] the poem 'paper wrestling' by Beynon and others are working on another text. .... I made [an edition] of 20 for this book.

"The poem speaks of the pleasure of touching the paper, working with it, etc. I have worked extensive shapes, folds, etc. … I wanted some crumpled paper, which goes everywhere. A book where I mixed various printing techniques: laser, letterpress printing, from crumpled paper, and even using the roller directly. All papers have been collected here and there and because it was about fun touch, I added a side 'paper specimens' presented as more or less scientific specimens, several types of paper I had around me.

"I am very happy with the result."


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paper specimens


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