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Elizabeth Castaldo, artist statement: "I am currently engaged in an exploration of the human relationship with nature, a relationship that often feels disconnected due to technology and the artificiality of the post-modern world. These things make it easy to forget where we come from. However, the natural connection is undeniable when one looks at the structural patterns inherent in plant and animal life, including in humans. I am interested in exploring this mysterious connection in the context of the female body as a personification of nature."

By Elizabeth Castaldo
Peekskill, New York: Elizabeth Castaldo, 2016. Edition of 12.

3.5" diameter; 11 double sided leaves. Printed from relief blocks and photopolymer. Hand sewing. Papers: Annigoni, Yatsuo, Lokta, and Kitakata. Housed in a mercury glass dish. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Elizabeth Castaldo: "Keepsake is about those things that become inexorably and eternally intertwined with our bodies and souls."

Keepsake is a visual reminder of the circle of life. Castaldo matches imagery of a body part with a piece of earth – so heart is paired with roots, blood with soil, etc.

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Composition / Decomposition
By Elizabeth Castaldo Elizabeth Castaldo – New York
Atlanta, Georgia: Elizabeth Castaldo, 2013. Edition of 3.

5 x 7" closed; 20 pages. Double sided accordion. Silk screen on handmade paper and book cloth. Designed, printed, and bound by the artist. Signed, dated, and numbered by the artist on the colophon.

Elizabeth Castaldo: "In Composition/ Decomposition, pattern is used as a narrative device, to create a simple story drawing a parallel between two essential processes governing the cycle of life, growth and decay. I use three simple forms: the seed, the branch, and the honeycomb. This is a two-sided accordion book, and each side can be spread out and viewed all at once, or alternatively flipped through page by page. The Composition side of the book begins with a single seed and other forms accumulate as the book progresses, each of the elements growing and mingling with one another: branches become trees, seeds become flowers, and all cohabit the page by the end of the book. On the Decomposition side the forms atrophy and decay until there is just one seed left, returning to the earth."

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Love Notes from Underground
By Elizabeth Castaldo
Atlanta, Georgia: Elizabeth Castaldo, 2013. One-of-a-Kind.

3.5 x 5"; 28 leaves with 3 three-panel foldouts. Handmade abaca paper with floral and collage embedments. Dry sheets embellished with serigraphy and hand-drawn elements. Paper and book produced and handbound by the artist. Bound in cloth boards with exposed binding. Title and artist labels on front cover. Signed and dated by the artist on the colophon.

Elizabeth Castaldo: "Pieces of unreadable text often appear in my work. I find books in the dollar bins of used bookstores and flea markets, and cut out the individual words, or cut shapes from the pages. The shapes of the words, the typeface, and the paper surface lend texture to the work and are used to make patterns, creating movement. I usually choose books that are about a subject that is thematically related to the concept of the piece so when the viewer catches little bits of words there is a connection with the subject matter of the work. The words and fragments are like ambient sounds or thoughts freely floating through the air.

"... I use multiple techniques to create my own collage components from drawings or to reproduce photo images. For instance, most of the honeycomb pattern is made using silkscreen or woodcut and some of the fine hair detail is made with etching. Using these processes makes easy work of producing multiples of the same images fairly quickly, while maintaining a certain amount of tactility and connection to drawing that seems to be lost when using a more mechanical process like inkjet printing. These prints can then be easily cut up and manipulated so they become more than what they started as....

"I like accumulating tiny pieces to make something larger and repeating the same shape over and over to create space, rather than using line or solid shapes. Several patterns can be overlapping and layered to create depth, tie together areas of the composition, or become independent entities themselves, like the seeds or honeycomb."

Love Notes from Underground was included in Castaldo's thesis presentation and exhibition of "Sensual Metamorphosis" at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia.

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turning tides
By Elizabeth Castaldo
[Atlanta, Georgia]: Elizabeth Castaldo, 2013. One-of-a-kind.

6 x 11"; 8 leaves. Multi-layered french folds of varying heights. Silkscreen and watercolor. Paper covers with stab binding. Signed and dated by the artist.

Elizabeth Castaldo: "Turning Tides is a rumination on the power of water sparked by the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy a few months earlier in November of 2012. Water is a source of life, without it living things would cease to exist. In the right amounts it provides hydration for plants and animals, a place to bathe, and a means of recreation. As water levels increase due to a storm or the melting of polar ice caps, the hubris of human kind is revealed as houses and roads built along the shore can be flooded and destroyed in a matter of hours. The gentle tide of the ocean has the potential to become a powerful force of destruction."

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Primordial Forms
By Elizabeth Castaldo
Atlanta, Georgia: Elizabeth Castaldo, 2012. Edition of 8.

4 x 5" closed; 12 pages. Three layer star carousel structure. Silkscreen and inkjet on paper and vellum. Papercutting. Bound in paper over boards. Signed, dated, and numbered on the colophon.

Elizabeth Castaldo: "While pattern is a large aesthetic component of all of my work, I have made some artist’s books that purely explore pattern as an independent element. The book Primordial Forms, the least narrative of my artist’s books, is a star accordion made of three layers, each adorned with an evocative form associated with life. The outermost surface is screenprinted with yellow honeycombs. Hexagonal cut outs reveal the layer beneath. On the middle layer is a pattern of seeds and pigs’ hoofs screenprinted on translucent vellum. Behind this is a third layer of swirling text printed on green paper. These patterns represent forms that I see as fundamental to birth, life, and growth, hence primordial forms. The star accordion structure allows the forms to be discovered as the viewer walks around the book, rather than flipping pages."
$300 (Last Copy)

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Stitched Together
By Elizabeth Castaldo
[Atlanta, Georgia]: Elizabeth Castaldo, 2012. One-of-a-Kind.

6 x 8 ; 6 pages. Accordion structure. Monoprints. Stitched embellishments. Found book pages, Japanese paper, and graph paper. Bound in paper-covered boards with blind leaf imprints. Paper title label on front board. Artist's signature and date on paper strip on back board. Initialed and dated by the artist on the last page.

Elizabeth Castaldo: "I work in mixed media combining collage, drawing, and printmaking to make two dimensional works and artists' books. Layer upon layer of pattern and image create new worlds full of transformative creatures. I work with themes of nature and body."

Two books in which Castaldo uses found book pages (both have German text in Blackletter) as a base for monotypes and sewing. She continues to use themes of relationships between human beings and nature.

Stitched Together no. 1 $250
Stitched Together no. 2. $250

Book 1
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Book 2
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By Elizabeth Castaldo
[Atlanta, Georgia]: Elizabeth Castaldo, 2006. Edition of 10 variants.

7 x 8.5"; 14 leaves. Collage. Stitching. Printmaking. Stab binding with boards covered in cloth pieces. Oval title label stitched on front board. Oval author label stitched on back board. Signed and dated by the artist.

Elizabeth Castaldo: "Scrapbook was a really early book for me. I started out by using leftovers from some silkscreen collages I had been making that I was using a lot of family photos printed on vintage paper and book pages for. The books ended up including bits and pieces of scraps, raw materials, and cast off pieces that I also tried to duplicate some of to make multiples of the books. There were ten all together, sort of an edition of unique books."
$150 (Last two copies)

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Elizabeth Castaldo Out of Print Title:  
Female Anatomy
By Elizabeth Castaldo
New York: Elizabeth Castaldo, 2009. Edition of 25.

7.25 x 7.25"; 24 pages. Flutterbook structure (accordion with pages extending from the pastedowns). Silkscreen. Case bound in cloth over boards. Printed at the School of Visual Arts. Signed, numbered and dated on the colophon by the artist.

Elizabeth Castaldo: "Female Anatomy is an encyclopedia of sorts. It was inspired by a book of vintage nude photographs, which were considered pornography in the time in which they were taken, that I thought were beautiful depictions of the female body. At the same time I was becoming very interested in anatomy and using internal and external anatomy together in my art. I found the multiple definitions of each bodily organ to be very interesting and decided to include these as a play on the association the words themselves had in different contexts, along with the appropriated 'pornographic' photos with drawings of the internal organs. The resulting artists’ book is a catalogue of slightly grotesque depictions of the nude models baring their insides as if for the viewer’s pleasure in the context of an informational reference book."
$100 (SOLD)

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By Elizabeth Castaldo
Atlanta, Georgia: Elizabeth Castaldo, 2013. One-of-a-kind.

4.75 x 4.75 x 4.75" cloth-covered box with one drop-side and flip up lid with ribbon-button closure that houses five 4" found Petri dishes. Materials: Japanese paper, book board, book cloth, acrylic, wire, and soil. Inkjet printing.

Elizabeth Castaldo: "Mementos is a sculptural artist's book about the fear of inevitable bodily degeneration and decay. It consists of five 'stories' contained in Petri dishes, each holding a [simulated] piece of the body [made of paper] associated with a concept of aging. Decay is represented by teeth, senescence by skin, degeneration by the optic nerve, atrophy by bones, and suffocation by lungs. A piece of writing accompanies each part, describing my own somewhat irrational fear of the breakdown of my own body. "
$600 (SOLD)

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Sweet Treats
By Elizabeth Castaldo
[Atlanta, Georgia]: Elizabeth Castaldo, 2008. One-of-a-Kind.

8 x 8" closed; 18 pages. Double-sided accordion structure. Collage and water color on paper. Paper-covered boards with red ribbon ties. Signed and dated by the artist.

Elizabeth Castaldo: "Sweet Treats is a one-of-a-kind book made in 2008. Inspired by a poster of cakes, I made each cake into a dress, that you can flip up to see each girl's undies. Part dessert, part lingerie fashion show."
$300 (SOLD)

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Walk Look and Listen
By Elizabeth Castaldo
[Atlanta, Georgia]: Elizabeth Castaldo, 2011. Edition of 3 + 1 AP.

7 x 10"; 14 pages. Accordion structure. Silkscreen. Printed on Arches 88 paper. Cloth covered boards. Photographs, design, silkscreen printing, and binding by the artist. Signed, numbered, and dated on the colophon.

Elizabeth Castaldo: "This book was inspired by a walk I took in the Morningside Nature Preserve [Atlanta] in October 2011 and the sounds that were heard on the walk. All the photos were taken there and printed as CMYK silkscreens, with the animals and words silkscreened separately."
$300 (SOLD)

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