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The Center for Book Arts: "Denise Brady has edited, published, printed and bound letterpress limited editions of contemporary poetry through her Bradypress imprint since 1989. In recent years her fine press works have also included unique books, prints, and editions which combine digital and hand processes, as well as her own poetry."

Gibraltar Editions with Guy Duncan
From "The Chapbook Review" – "Denise Brady on the Unusual Gift of Letterpress"


No Center Line Exists
By Zachary Schomburg
Omaha, Nebraska: Bradypress, 2012. Edition of 18.

6 x 5.5"; 16 pages. Dos-à-dos binding. Letterpress printed. Handset in Gill Sans and Comstock. Bird silhouettes from photopolymer (relief) on Ingres Antique. Altered photos on handmade or mouldmade paper using an Epson inkjet. Boards covered in Japanese silk. Paper title label on front board. Signed by poet and book artist.

Seven poems by the poet which are part of Schomburg's collection Scary, No Scary published in 2009 by Black Ocean.

Zachary Schomburg lives in Portland, Oregon. He is the author of The Man Suit (Black Ocean, 2007), Scary, No Scary (Black Ocean, 2009), and a DVD of poem-films, Little Blind Thing (Poor Claudia, 2010). He co-edits Octopus Magazine & Octopus Books. He frequently collaborates with poet Emily Kendal Frey (as in Feelings Using Wolves published by Small Fires Press).
$ 100

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Blown Roses
By Nancy McCleery
Omaha, Nebraska: bradypress, 2003. Edition of 125.

9.5 x 6.24". 28 pages. Hand set Perpetua and Optima italic display and printed text and linocuts using a Vandercook proof press on Somerset Book paper made at the Inversek mill in England. Sewed sheets using a visible long stitch into covers of French Specklestone, a recycled paper, and Thai Unryu endsheets.

Poems by Nancy McCleery and linocuts by Jaime Hackbart. Presented at the 2001 Nebraska Literature Festival in Peru, Nebraska.


Grief / Rue Des Ecouffe
By Marilyn Hacker
Omaha, Nebraska: bradypress, 2001. Edition of 100.

Two poems, one hundred numbered copies printed in three colors from Perpetua type on Arches text and cover papers with endsheets of Ogura lace and a French Marble wrap. The original etching, signed and numbered by the artist, has been tipped into the book. Book design and production by Denise Brady.

Poems by Marilyn Hacker with an etching by Marie Geneviève Havel.
$35 (Last two copies)



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Three New Poems
By Hayden Carruth
Omaha, Nebraska: bradypress, 1999. Edition of 150.

5.75 x 8". 10 pages. These three recent poems have been hand set in Perpetua type and printed using a Vandercook proof press on Frankfurt paper. Red initials are Romulus Open. The paper cover is Thai Reversible: two sheets of Kozo laminated, tobacco brown on the outside and sienna inside.

Carruth's three new poems: My Dear Odysseus, Memory, and End of Winter.


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By Robert Schenck
Omaha, Nebraska: bradypress, 1988. Edition of 100.

12.25 x 9 7/8"; 26 pages + one folded leaf in pocket page. Printed from handset Poliphilus type on Mohawk Superfine paper. Drawings printed from photoengraved plates. Printed in 1988 by Denise Brady as a student at the University of Nebraska Omaha Fine Arts Press. Seventy-five copies sewn into paper wrappers (this version now out of print). Twenty-five copies bound in a "Secret Belgium case binding." Signed by printer (on the colophon) and poet (on the copyright page).

Printed in 1988. "Burning Girl" and "Bubbles in Justified Boxes for Deirdre" first appeared in Riverfront. Much of the other work is from an unpublished novel The ARCHEOBIOPSY de MARNK TWANG."

Psychograms is a husband and wife collaboration — Robert Schenck, the writer, and Denise Brady, the printer.

Schenck is a native of Red Oak, Iowa. He taught at Upper Iowa College then beginning in 1980 at Metro Community College in Omaha. He retired from teaching at Metro in May 2011.

American Ten Commandments & Tavern Talk

Be not ugly.
Be not old.
Be not alone.
Be not afraid.
Be not dying.


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I Come to that Point on the Wheel / Io son venuto al punto de la rota
By Dante Alighieri (Translated by Harry Duncan)
Omaha, Nebraska: bradypress, 1994. Edition of 250

10 x 4.9" with 12 pages (single section). Set in 12 pt. Garamond and printed on Arches paper. Cover illustration is a photograph by the printer.

Duncan's translation from the Italian of this 75-line 700-year-old poem, a lover's lament, by Dante Alighieri. Produced on the occasion of Mr. Duncan receiving the Jane Geske Award on Feb. 3, 1994 from the Nebraska Center for the Book to recognize his contributions to the book as printer, publisher, author, teacher and translator.



Postpartum Lullaby: A Poem and Drawing
By Elizabeth Layton
Omaha, Nebraska: bradypress, 1993. Edition of 175

10 x 7.5"; 10 pages. Denise Brady printed the poem from Romulus type on Rives heavyweight with Harry Duncan's direction using his iron hand press. Mary Gallagher, Ginny Morocco, Bonnie O'Connell and Floyd Pearce assisted. The two signatures are sewn into a wrapper of Rives marbled by Takako Hicken and the printer. Layton provided a line drawing to illustrate the title page that was printed from a photoengraving.

The late Kansas artist Elizabeth Layton began this poem in the 1950s and continued to revise and expand it for twenty-five years. The six-page poem deals with motherhood, grief and hope, cataloging events and mothers both nameless and famous.


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Spring Blues
Mezzotints and Poems

By Denise Brady
Omaha, Nebraska: bradypress,
2004. Edition of 10.

8 x 10” sheets. Eight poems printed letterpress from Gill Sans Light type on handmade cotton rag paper are paired with eight small one or two color chine collé mezzotints. Housed in a modified clamshell box covered in marine blue and rust Asahi cloths with front debossed label.

One make recognize the Spring Blues when viewing this lovely book but the soul's response is one of joy to the simple beauty of the presentation. Beautiful two-color mezzotints with accompanying poetry.

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King of the Butterflies
By Christoper Howell
Omaha, Nebraska: bradypress, 2003. Edition of 90.

6 x 7"; 11 pages. Denise Brady produced this book at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The poem is printed from handset Centaur and illustrated with a photoengraved print. The title page bears a linocut initial printed in red. Black cover and red endsheets were hand made from cotton fabrics. Text paper is white Bugra.

During his reign, John II Casimir, King of Poland declared that two million butterflies should be captured and sent up to God as an offering of the Earth's bounty. A single butterfly has such special beauty but to capture two million small wonders was indeed overwhelming. An elegant presentation that captures the delightful beauty of the butterfly in the single photoengraving that accompanies the text.


King of the Butterflies


Bradypress Out of Print Title:  

By Alise Alousi
Omaha, Nebraska: bradypress, 2011. Edition of 40.

6 x 6.25"; 16 pages. Letterpress printed on Somerset text paper with text in Gill Sans and title in News Gothic Condensed. Handmade paper endsheets. Quarter bound in Japanese silk cloth with Indian marble paper covered boards. Paper title label.

Colophon: "Alise Alousi is an Iraqi-American poet living in Detroit. This book was created in response to The Al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition's call to 're-assemble' the inventory of printed texts lost in the car bombing of March 5, 2007. The book is offered in memory of those who lost their lives, with faith in the power of shared experience through printed words, and in confidence that Al-Mutanabbi Street will thrive again in Baghdad. All proceeds benefit Doctors Without Borders."

bradypress: "Al-Mutanabbi Street, named after the 10th century Arab poet Abu’ Tayib al-Mutanabbi, has been known for centuries as the heart and soul of the Baghdad literary and intellectual community. A winding street lined with booksellers and bookshops, it was an important meeting place for people to hunt for books, debate and share ideas. Scholars, poets, readers, writers and artists often spent their days in the Shabandar Café, which opened in 1917. On March 5, 2007, a car bomb was used to destroy this crowded book market as well as the Shabandar Café. More than thirty people were killed and over a hundred were injured.

"In response to this attack Beau Beausoleil, a poet and bookseller in California, set up a coalition of poets, writers, readers, artists, booksellers and printers – not just to remember those who died, but also as a response to the cultural implications of the attack on ideas. In this case the attack was in Baghdad but it could have been any street, anywhere."

Denise Brady: "In making this book – swirling strips of Arabic text that read al-Mutanabbi Street with cotton pulp in the vat, setting the poem in Gill Sans and title in News Gothic Condensed, folding and cutting the Somerset text paper, pasting Indian marble paper and Japanese silk cloth to boards, sewing the book – my hands seem not so far removed from the hands of others I imagine on al-Mutanabbi Street. Hands writing a poem, hands turning pages, hands lining up books on a shelf or laying them out on a cloth, hands tipping a cup of tea, pointing out a passage in a book, or following a line of text. Working with my hands, I understand that ideas and connections are passed hand to hand."

Alousi is Associate Director of the Inside Out Literary Arts Project and is on the board of RAWI, an organization dedicated to supporting creative and scholarly writing by Arab Americans. Her work has appeared in numerous journals and in the anthologies: Poets Against War, Abandon Automobile, I Feel a Little Jumpy Around You, and Inclined to Speak: An Anthology of Contemporary Arab American Poetry.

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