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Eileen Boxer is an artist and book designer. She grew up in Hong Kong and now lives and works in Brooklyn New York.

Eileen Boxer: "Report US is my contribution as an artist and professional book designer to the conversation about the violence wrought by the nearly unrestricted availability of firearms in the United States. This project was conceived to illustrate that victims of gun violence are not just numbers, they are people."


Report US, paperback set
By Eileen Boxer
Brooklyn, New York: Eileen Boxer, 2016. Edition of 15.

Set of 31 books. Volumes: 6 x 8"; number of pages varies from 139 - 366 per volume. Cover stock: 100# (270 gsm) Neenah Classic Crest Antique Grey Smooth. Text stock: 60# (89 gsm) Enviro Smooth Text. Printed digitally in black. Perfect binding with hinge scores. The Volumes rest in a 8.125 x 15.625 x 6" box of wood and Eska Board, which is wrapped in black vellum and lined in black paper. Title "Report US" blind stamped on back.

Eileen Boxer: "Since early 2013 I have been committed to this immense project, 'Report US'. I have obtained every gun incident collected through the Gun Violence Archive for the entire year of 2015. These profoundly moving stories are like perverse poetry based in irrefutable fact. Thirty-one days of those reports are now edited and compiled."

There are several productions in the Report US project. This paperback version consists of capsule summaries of the 3,316 indents of gun violence that occurred in January 2015. One book per day, each of incident on a separate page.

To learn more about the "Report US" project go to http://www.report-us.org/about.html



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