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Salt and Light
Seven of Aesop’s Fables, Stained Glass Windows, and Poems
somewhere in between
By Leah Eisenbeis
[Tuscaloosa, Alabama]: Buffalo Gal Press, 2006. Edition of 50 copies.

4 x 6”; 32 pages. Materials: parchment, Spanish fax, and cotton paper. Letterpress printed using Bembo, Invitation, and mismatched wood types. Signed and initialed by the artist on the colophon. Of the edition of 50, 1 -20 bound in limp parchment and 21 -50 bound in unbleached abaca.

Colophon: "Special thanks to my husband Chris, who hauled around countless pounds of half-dry paper, lead and cast iron, not to mention bloody deerskins, all in the name of this project. … Paper, parchment, poems, etc. by Leah Eisenbeis."

Seven of Aesop’s Fables retold by Eisenbeis. With each fable is a poem by Eisenbeis. Amidst poetry and story are small squares of multicolored paper resembling stained glass windows.

Leah Eisenbeis: "A stained glass window is a sleeping bird that sleeps so deeply it disappears."

$100 bound in unbleached abaca
$160 bound in limp parchment

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