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House of Possibility
By Joyce Sutphen
Minneapolis, Minnesota: Accordion Productions Collaborations, 2012. Edition of 72.

11 x 5.5”; 18 pages. Letterpress printed with a woven structure, and slipcase. Text is hand-set Caslon, originally from Emerson Wulling's Sumac Press. Images and title were translated to photopolymer plates from original ink drawings by CB Sherlock. Papers used are Bunko-Shi for inside pages, Facade Cream for the covers, and sturdy Kaji for the ribbons that bind the book together. Designed and handprinted by Regula Russelle and CB Sherlock. In paper slipcase. Signed and numbered by the poet. House of Possibility is the fifth in a series of collaboratively made books produced by CB Sherlock and Regula Russelle.

Accordion Productions: "House of Possibility contains five poems by Joyce Sutphen that touch on the theme of vocation and on connection to place. We designed the book so that each poem has its own frame the way a painting has a frame or a Japanese alcove. The woven binding we chose permits the book to lay completely flat and be displayed as if it were a print.

"Individual pages are held together with ribbons of paper without the use of glue. This makes the book feel light and limber when it's held. As to paper, we chose one that is beautiful, but robust enough so that it invites unconcerned handling. It was made by a Japanese man who has since died. Maybe his name is Bunko-Shi (that's the name of the paper)."

''From Out the Cave', The Farm, and Potato Meditation are reprinted from Straight Out of View with the gracious permission of Holy Cow! Press. Duluth, Minnesota. Copyright 2001, Joyce Sutphen. In the Beginning and Homesteading first appeared in coming Back to the Body, Holy Cow! Press, Duluth Minnesota. Copyright 2000, Joyce Sutphen." "Joyce Sutphen grew up on a farm in Minnesota. She earned a PhD in Renaissance drama from the University of Minnesota, and has taught British literature and creative writing at Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, Minnesota. Her first collection of poems, Straight Out of View (1995), won the Barnard Women’s Poets Prize. Subsequent collections include Coming Back to the Body (2000), a Minnesota Book Award finalist, Naming the Stars (2004), winner of the Minnesota Book Award, and First Words (2010). She has received a McKnight Artist Fellowship and a Minnesota State Arts Board Fellowship and was named Minnesota's Poet Laureate in 2011."

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Kinship Circle Poems
By Meghan Maloney-Vinz, Jim Moore, Ilze Klavina Mueller, William Stafford, and Joyce Sutphen
Minneapolis, Minnesota: Accordion Productions Collaborations, 2008. Edition of 135.

4.25 x 4.25"; 2 books, each 24 pages; 8 page vertical pamphlet laid in. Printed letterpress from photopolymer plates. Original ink and charcoal drawings converted into digital format for plate making. Printed on Nideggen paper. Composed in Adobe Garamond type. Housed in lightweight paper slipcase.

Regula Russelle: "Last fall, CB [Sherlock] and I, together with two interns, hand-printed nearly 5,000 folios that contained portraits and poems on kinship circle, improvisation, city living, a sense of 'we.'

"Then, during three glorious weeks in October, we dispersed these keepsakes in 'take-out boxes' and by hand at farmers' markets, on light rail and bus stops, outside the Dorothy Day Center, and at other urban locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Our aim: to share something beautiful for free.

"All ten folios contained portraits of community members. We chose these individuals because of the way they contribute to the fabric of community. CB chose people she knows well; I chose people I know less well.

"A Jerome Book Arts Fellowship allowed us to partially fund our project. The boxed set of books that contains the poems and portraits in book form. It also contains a brief description of our project.

"The project was a huge success. Almost everyone we approached took a couple of the prints – one to keep and one to pass along. Many people came after us to tell us how they had been affected, and told us how they would share their poem in class or at work or post it on the refrigerator door."


What It's Like Here
By Jim Moore
Minneapolis, Minnesota: Accordion Productions, 2006. Edition of 30 (24 standard, 6 deluxe).

9 x 9"; 17 pages. Johannot paper alternated with hand-painted Kaji; the typeface is Baskerville. Special edition in cloth-covered slipcase. Numbered. Signed by the poet.

Short, poignant poems of urban life by Moore (winner of the Minnesota Book Award and whose credits include The New Yorker and The Paris Review) plus Sherlock’s enchanting images make "sure [we] notice…the strangeness of the world."
$500 (Deluxe, last copy)

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Putting Tomatoes By
By Paul Gruchow
Minneapolis, Minnesota: Accordion Productions, 2005. Edition of 100.

10.75 x 9.25" with 27 numbered pages. Bound in hard covers. Housed in a single-tray box. Text set in Caslon and printed from photopolymer plates on cream-colored Zerkall. Text blocks sewn with a four-needle binding and then fastened into the hardcover casing with hand-dyed, linen thread. Bound to lay flat when opened. Book boards covered in tomato-colored Moriki paper. Ten copies come with a broadside housed in an interior pocket of the box. In the edition of 100, 60 are bound in Fabriano Ingres covers, 30 bound in Moriki paper over boards with a slipcase, 10 copies housed in a box with a companion broadside. This is one of the ten with a broadside.

This edition, produced by Regula Russelle and CB Sherlock, is the second in a series of book collaborations that feature the work of Minnesota authors. The essay first appeared in "Grassroots: The Universe of Home" published by Milkweed Editions. In this essay Gruchow "questions our fast-paced ways, and urges us to see the bounty of life nearby."

A series of scratchboard illustrations weave through the center spreads, depicting the tomato plant and its fruit through the season — from the tender first growth to the withering of the vines.

$500 (Last Copy, deluxe)

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Accordion Productions Out of Print Title:  
By Patricia Kirkpatrick
Minneapolis, Minnesota: Accordion Productions, 2005. Edition of 56.

10.125 x 4.5" with 10 pages. Designed, illustrated, letterpress printed and hand-bound at Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Text and images printed on Zerkall Frankfurt paper, employing stratography and photopolymer relief printing techniques in soft green and apricot colors. Pages are French-folded and bound in an exposed-spine structure incorporating Moriki paper. Covered in shimmering Japanese book cloth. Housed in a slip case. Edition made up of 50 copies in slipcase and six in special boxes. Numbered.

First in the series of collaboratively produced fine press books by Accordion Productions. "Orioles" contains three poems by Kirkpatrick. Each poem reveals the wonder found in daily moments.
$160 (SOLD)

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